Sapphire Jewellery for Every Occasion

Sapphire Ring for Every Occasion

Sapphire jewellery is perfect for every occasion. No matter what plans you have, there’s something in sapphire jewellery that fits the bill.

Let’s start with your basic everyday pieces.

Every day/Work

Calling sapphire jewellery ‘basic’ is obviously not accurate, since even everyday jewellery is stunning if sapphires are involved. The perfect pieces of sapphire jewellery to wear that suit casual everyday living as well as the workplace should be small enough to not get in the way. Clusters of sapphires and diamonds are perfect for this task.

Sapphire Jewellery for Every Occasion
Sapphire Ring for Every Occasion
Sapphire Earrings for Every Occasion

Check out this pendant, ring, and earrings line-up. These pieces of jewellery worn all together would be a great way of having a consistent theme of colours and shapes in your jewellery that can elevate your everyday looks without going over the top for the occasion. Sapphire rings similar to the one shown here are among the top sapphire ring designs with yellow gold.

Formal Occasions

A formal occasion, for the sake of argument – can be anything from a wedding, to a black-tie event like a charity ball. If the occasion is befitting of your finest dress, probably with some expectations of high society decorum, then you’re in for something truly formal. Larger pieces are appropriate here, as well jewellery like brooches and elegant bracelets.

sapphire brooches
sapphire and diamond bangle
Sapphire for Every Occasion

The use of pearls in the brooch we’ve chosen to feature is a true indicator of a proper formal occasion. Gemstones like pearls and diamonds are the perfect complement to sapphire jewellery befitting formal occasions. You can see in the other pieces we’ve selected that diamonds are perfect for any occasion, naturally.


Parties are the wonderful in-between of everyday and formal events. You can be daring and dress up for a party, without feeling the pressure of having to be sophisticated and refined. The absolutely ideal piece of sapphire jewellery for events like cocktail and dinner parties, New Year’s Eve parties etc. is cocktail rings.

Sapphire Party Ring
Sapphire Rings
Sapphire Rings for Every Occasion

These cocktail rings all feature a range of sizes and colours of sapphires. The different cuts of the gemstones, as well as the range of diamonds involved in the cocktail rings make them so perfect for parties. When you’re dressing up, there’s no upper limit on size – bigger is better!

So, you’ve got a foundation of ideas for which sapphires to wear for which occasions, and now you can go forward into 2021 with a full knowledge of which sapphires are perfect for you. Hopefully, 2021 will offer more opportunities for dressing up – more formal occasions and more parties – and you’ll get to stretch your sapphire muscles. Happy accessorising!

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