Engagement Rings for Him

Engagement Rings For Him

When making a choice about engagement rings, whether it’s for you or for someone else, it’s going to say a lot about your relationship. In recent years, there has been a rise in ‘management’ rings, to promote gender equality in engagement rings for men. Not only are more and more women proposing to men; there are also more same-sex couples proposing to one another. More and more men are enjoying jewellery and accessorising in general, and so even if they weren’t proposed to, more men are wearing engagement rings than ever before.

As engagement rings for him are a relatively new aspect of life, there are still a lot of questions people have about men’s bridal jewellery. Let’s start providing some answers.

Can You Give a Man an Engagement Ring?

Hopefully it’s obvious, but yes, you can give men engagement rings. Whether you yourself are a man or a woman is irrelevant to the question, as man in any form of betrothal are well within their rights to wear engagement rings.

‘Mangagement’ Rings

The rise of the ‘mangagement’ ring stands as a symbol of partnership and promise, in the same way the traditional engagement ring does. If you’re wondering if you read that right and thinking along the lines of business management, try reading it again as ‘man-gagement’ rings. The male engagement ring opens up an opportunity to experience the excitement of a formal engagement ring proposal and build up to a wedding regardless of gender and stereotypical norms.

Whilst mangagement rings have become a 21st century trend, engagement rings for men date back to at least 1920s, where jewellers pushed macho-named rings such as the Stag and the Master. Cultural traditions also take precedent, as Michael Bublé experienced when his Argentinean wife gave him a mangagement ring as is the tradition in many Latin American cultures.

The ring you choose for the man in your life, whether you are a woman proposing or a man, will show how well you know your other half. Before establishing what type of ring you should go for, something important to address if your budget.

How Much Should a Man’s Engagement Ring Cost?

Unless your man likes sparkles and shine a lot, you’re likely to find that most men’s engagement rings cost less than the traditional solitaire rings used for women. Typically, engagement rings for men are plain metal bands, although sometimes they are accented with engraved decoration, gemstones, or inlays of other materials.

If the man in your life does like sparkle and shine, however, don’t feel restricted to rings that are plain. Diamond engagement rings can be worn by anyone in reality, and – as time progresses – the difference between a lot of men’s and women’s fashion is narrowing. Whatever you have established you can afford and what you know your man likes should be the only real factors affecting your decision when it comes to engagement rings for him.

Men’s Engagement Ring Metals

Engagement Rings For Him

The metal you choose to go for can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the ring. As a general rule, yellow and rose gold are complimentary to warm-toned skin, while silver, white gold, platinum, and other similarly-coloured metals best suit cool-toned skin.

If you’re more interested in the aesthetic than the compatibility to his skin type, then there are options to explore. Platinum, titanium, palladium, and other silver-coloured metals are ideal choices for men who like ultra-modern and sleek designs. If he likes minimalism, consider a band with no stones; some light hammering effects are a great finish to help it stand out from any other jewellery piece.

Yellow gold and rose gold are best used for those who have an interest in more traditionally romantic jewellery as well as vintage and antique styles. You can explore some of the decorative styles found in jewellery from the Victorian era that are great choices for men. There are diamond rings from this era that would suit many men, as well as signet rings if you want something truly traditional.

Let’s move on to some of our nearest and dearest examples of engagement rings for men.

Simple Band

Sometimes simple is the way forward; such as a simple gold, silver, or platinum band. In fact, some of the first engagement rings for him were actually just wedding rings ‘rebranded’. If the man in your life prefers understated jewellery, then something like these pieces are the kinds of jewellery you should seek. These rings all have a certain uniqueness about them that doesn’t do too much or go over the top.

Engagement Rings for Him
yellow gold engagement ring
mens diamond gold engagement ring


Gemstone engagement rings are always a popular choice, even if they are slightly more niche than plain bands. Perhaps the man in your life has a favourite colour, or indeed, a favourite gemstone. If so then a gemstone engagement ring would be a fantastic option for him. Something simple and sophisticated like a vintage ruby ring or vintage emerald engagement rings can be the perfect choice. Another avenue to explore here is birthstones, learn more about birthstone jewellery on this post.

gemstone and gold wedding band
diamond sapphire gemstone ring
pear cut ruby wedding ring


Expressing our individuality is being explored more and more in recent years – and rightly so! Sometimes bolder is better: a mixture of metals perhaps, some large gemstones, a slightly bolder design than most. For many, a statement piece can really help them express themselves, while also symbolising the love they have for the special someone in their life. If you know your partner is a truly individualistic soul, maybe one of these statement men’s engagement rings is the perfect choice for him.

sapphire diamond statement ring
antique snake ring
diamond sapphire gold ring


A typical traditional engagement ring is a diamond ring – whether that is a diamond solitaire, a three-stone, or five stone ring. So, how about buying a traditional mangagement ring? Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but there’s no reason for them to be relegated to female wearers only. Men’s diamond rings are the perfect choice if you want to surprise him with your proposal. Any of these examples would make for excellent men’s engagement rings.

antique gents diamond solitaire
diamond eternity ring
Edwardian solitaire ring


Of course, it’s entirely possible that your soon-to-be fiancée isn’t keen on rings in general. Rather than try to sway him with an engagement ring, opt for something more special and personalised to him. Choose a gift you know he’ll value more – something like cufflinks, a watch, or maybe even a pocket watch for the beloved eccentric.

diamond gold cufflinks
yellow gold watch chain
yellow gold timepiece

You’re surely looking forward to the big day, as well as the big moment when he (hopefully) says yes. Until then, however, get your sights set on the right kind of engagement ring for him. There’s no way you’re going to go home empty-handed once you’ve started searching the extensive collection of men’s jewellery and engagement rings we have in store.

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