Hexagon Engagement Rings

Hexagon Engagement Rings

Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with the classic round engagement ring, it can be nice to mix things up. If you’d like something different from your engagement ring, consider the hexagon.

Hexagon rings are exactly what you might expect. Either, they make use of hexagonal-cut gemstones as the features stone, or they have hexagon-shaped settings to create the angular look. If you’re interested in hexagon engagement rings, you have to be willing to search. They are rarities in the jewellery world, and a lot of jewellers won’t have any available. You don’t have to have one custom made, however, if you know where to look. Among our own antique and vintage jewellery collections, for example, we are lucky enough to have a few different examples of the hexagon ring.

Something great about the hexagon ring is its versatility. They can be bombastic pieces of jewellery that will stand out proud from a mile away. Just as easily, they can be understated items that have a small, unique twist.

So, what does it say about you if you choose a hexagon engagement ring?

Hexagon Engagement Ring Meaning

It goes without saying that you’re an individualist if you opt for a hexagonal engagement ring. The six-sided hexagon shape has a lot of history and meaning to it. In Christian ideology, six sides can represent the six days of creation. Equally, caskets are also hexagonal. Representing a journey from a previous self to a new form, the hexagon is transformative. For an engagement ring, the shape is perfect for representing the change to come. When you get married, the life you had before transforms into a new, joint life. The perfect symmetry of a hexagon is a great choice for your engagement ring.

In Judaism, the Star of David is one of the most iconic and ancient symbols. At its centre, a hexagon grounds the shape. The star is representative of the balance of energies in the world. In the same way, the hexagon engagement ring can symbolise your energy balancing with your partner’s.

The Best Hexagon Engagement Rings

It goes without saying that we like our own hexagon engagement rings the most. The best hexagon engagement ring will have a secure setting to hold your stone firmly in place. While this shape and style is great for being unique, it’s important to prioritise the security of your gemstones.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our hexagon engagement rings.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Platinum

Hexagon Engagement Rings

This ring is somewhere between a hexagon and an octagon. The calibre cut sapphire border creates a clear hexagon, while the baguette diamond shoulders extend to an octagonal shape. The central diamond is a 0.98ct transitional modern brilliant round cut stone in a collet setting. The geometric settings of this ring are very secure, ensuring a stable engagement ring that will last a lifetime.

Perfect for: Anyone with a September birthday, as sapphires are the September birthstone.

Emerald and Diamond Ring in Platinum

hexagon emerald ring

This vintage 1970s piece takes a loose hexagon form through its mix of gemstone cuts. The alternating baguette and round diamonds make this cluster more angular than the typical style. Geometric baguette cut diamonds along the lengths of the cluster and rounded pairs at the corners create an elongated hexagon frame. The central emerald is a step-cut stone, furthering the presence of the geometry.

Perfect for: People with May birthdays have emerald as their birthstone.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in White Gold

hexagon aquamarine ring

Another example of the elongated hexagon style is in this 1950s ring. Although the central aquamarine is a round-cut stone, the two-tiered diamond surround is set into a solid hexagon frame. Again, solid settings are used to ensure that each individual stone is secure. This is a fabulously big ring, so it might be the engagement ring you wear for parties rather than every day.

Perfect for: The aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for those born in March.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold

hexagon sapphire diamond ring

This ring takes a twist to the hexagon design by literally flipping it on its side. The central blue sapphire and surrounding diamonds are all in collet settings – nice and solid. The diamonds combine round cuts and calibre cuts to fit the hexagon shape perfectly. This ring manages to be unique in its shape without being an oversized piece of jewellery. Perfect for everyday wear, this cluster style ring balances being different without being ‘too much’.

Perfect for: Someone who wants their engagement ring to be subtle yet individual.

Diamond, White Gold and Platinum Solitaire Ring

hexagon solitaire ring

In this engagement ring, the setting does all the work of creating the hexagon shape. The platinum setting is very secure, holding the central round-cut diamond in four basket-style prongs. Solitaire engagement rings are among the most popular style in history. This antique 1920s ring is completely understated in its shape and size. The high basket style setting, however, allows the diamond to catch the light all over.

Perfect for: Traditionalists who love the classic engagement ring style.

Diamond and Platinum Art Deco Style Ring

hexagon halo ring

Finally, this fantastic example of the hexagon engagement ring combines antique gemstones and a contemporary setting. Geometric shapes are a keystone of Art Deco jewellery, and so this angular frame mimics the style perfectly. The central stone is just over a carat, creating a fabulous shape and size that’s perfect for a dazzling engagement ring. The Art Deco style is endlessly popular, so hexagon rings like this one are sure to go down a hit.

Perfect for: Fans of all things Art Deco who want their engagement ring to stand out.

The hexagon engagement ring isn’t a brand-new invention, with antique and vintage examples aplenty. Even though it has a long history, it’s still an underrated style. If you like your jewellery to be more personal to you, consider the hexagon engagement ring. Bring something different to your proposal.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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