Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid
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When it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring, there are so many factors to think about. From personal style to fashion trends, it can be difficult to decide what type of ring is perfect for you or your partner.

With so much advice out there about which styles are the most popular, you might have forgotten to think about what not to do when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

Today, we’re going to talk you through the top things to avoid when making that all-important decision and how to find your perfect piece.

Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

Styles that don’t feel like ‘you’

Engagement ring designs go in and out of fashion, so this all-important choice shouldn’t be dictated by trends. While it’s always a good idea to be inspired by the fashions of the time, remember that an engagement ring is a forever purchase. If you base your choice on what’s currently in vogue rather than what feels like ‘you’, it will be difficult to build an attachment to your engagement ring and find a piece that you’re sure to love forever.

With this in mind, we’d always advise taking inspiration from trends but finding a piece that feels personal and special to you. For many people, when they lay their eyes on the perfect engagement ring, they just know it’s the one for them.

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Impersonal rings

Another thing to consider when looking for an engagement ring is whether it feels personal, or how you could make it personal. There are many contemporary mass-produced diamond ring options out there, but if you opt for a ring like that, chances are other people will have a carbon copy.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to avoid this! Why not personalise your engagement ring with a subtle inscription? You could opt for the initials of you and your partner, or perhaps the date of your engagement engraved on the inner shank.

Another way to make sure your engagement ring feels unique and personal is by choosing an antique or vintage engagement ring rather than a contemporary one. Many vintage and antique rings will have been hand-crafted and designed to be one-of-a-kind. This means your ring will be full of history and feel unique.

Sapphire engagement ring

Sticking to tradition

While traditional engagement rings – such as diamond solitaire rings – are perfect for some people, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to stick to a classic engagement ring style. If you feel more drawn toward gemstone rings, such as sapphire engagement rings or ruby engagement rings, go for it! Likewise, if a classic solitaire style isn’t for you, why not search for ‘the one’ amongst our range of gemstone dress rings, trilogy rings, or eternity rings?

Unlucky gemstones

For many, a gemstone is all about aesthetics. If you’re superstitious, however, you might have to think twice about the gemstone you choose for your engagement ring. For those wondering what stone is bad luck in an engagement ring, the answer (according to superstition) is emerald. Although emeralds are a popular choice for engagement rings, some believe that emeralds can bring bad luck to a wedding. However, in some cultures, they represent romance and luck.

Some are also weary of pearl engagement rings, with this gemstone being linked to bad luck. However, this legend may be rooted in the fact that pearls are softer gemstones that are not suitable for everyday wear, so are a risky choice for an engagement ring.

Engagement ring trends to avoid

Overall, while engagement rings go in and out of style, remember that this purchase should ultimately come down to personal choice. What’s right for you or your partner may not be someone else’s cup of tea – and that’s okay! Remember – this purchase is going to last a lifetime, so go with your heart rather than committing to the latest trends.

For more inspiration and to find the unique engagement ring of your dreams, browse our full selection of vintage and antique engagement rings.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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