Birthstone Gifts for Her

Birthstone Gifts for Her

Birthstone jewellery is one of the most versatile gifts you can give. It’s perfect for your nearest and dearest just as well as it suits a friend or colleague. Furthermore, birthstones can be a great guideline beyond just someone’s birthday. Getting birthstone jewellery gifts for Christmas, significant anniversaries, or just as little tokens of your affection will never be turned down!

In this blog, we’re covering all the best birthstone jewellery gift ideas for her – no matter when her birthday is.

January Birthstone Gifts for Her

The birthstone for those born at the start of the year is the garnet. These stunning stones are known for their rich, deep-red colouring. Garnets have a history of bringing good luck to travellers, allowing them to return home safely. The stones were sometimes set into armour and weapons during the Crusades as a way of protecting those who were leaving home.

Beyond their ability to bring loved-ones home, garnets are also heavily linked to romance. They’re a great choice if the woman in your life has a January birthday. Passion and love prevail under the guidance of this stunning gemstone.

As far as January birthstone gifts, we have a great selection of garnet jewellery for you. Garnet pendants are a solid choice for anyone’s birthday. This classic jewellery style has the versatility to suit her no matter how many birthdays she’s celebrated. Here, you can see three completely different types of garnet pendant. These cover different price ranges as well as aesthetics and time periods.

Birthstone Gifts for Her
January Birthstone Gifts for Her
Garnet Gifts for Her

If your loved one is born in January but doesn’t care for the colour red, garnets aren’t off the table just yet. The demantoid garnet is a variety of the stone found in a striking green colour. This is ideal for those who want something a little different from the norm in their birthstone gift. Check out these stunning pieces of demantoid garnet jewellery if you’re interested in the luscious green colours.

garnet birthstone gift
garnet pendant for her
garnet brooch for her

Garnets are a sophisticated stone, much like those born in January themselves. Whether you prefer antique or vintage styles, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of garnet jewellery in our expansive selection.

February Birthstone Gifts for Her

The birthstone for February is the amethyst. This popular stone is renowned for its bold purple colouring. The word amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning ‘sober’. In Ancient Greece, amethysts were set into drinking goblets, believed to prevent the drinker from becoming too intoxicated. This is certainly a neat trick – whether it is truly effective remains to be seen, however.

February birthstones are believed to bring about an inner calm. If someone you know and love could do with some peace for their birthday in February, amethyst jewellery is the gift you should choose. Contemplative and harmonious, this stone is a real soothing force to bring into your life.

Our collection of amethyst jewellery features only the finest pieces, both antique and vintage. If you want to go for something outright romantic, consider specific gemstone cuts. The heart-shaped cuts used in these pieces are all delightfully intimate features. Whether you opt for a large stone or a daintier piece, the heart shape is always admirable.

February Birthstone Gifts for Her
Amethyst Birthstone Gifts for Her
Amethyst pendant for her

Amethysts are among the more affordable precious gemstones. This gives you the opportunity to splurge a little for something big and bold. Check out these amazing cocktail rings to get some appreciation for the real beauty of these larger rings. If the woman you’re buying for likes statement jewellery, these are birthday gifts she’ll treasure forever. What’s more, these rings are expertly built, making them ideal heirlooms to pass down through your family.

amethyst birthstone ring
amethyst ring
February birthstone ring

Amethysts are exceedingly popular for their richly-saturated colouring. It’s no surprise that those born in February love birthstone jewellery gifts. They go with everything and they bring in endless compliments!

March Birthstone Gifts for Her

With the coming of spring, those born in March can expect aquamarine jewellery gifts. These watery-blue gemstones are associated with peace and victory. They have long been believed to help cure all manner of aches and pains, bringing positive thoughts to the forefront of the mind. Their clarity and colouring also creates a link between aquamarines and serenity. Wearing aquamarines can help you focus and clear your head. If this sounds like something the woman in your life would love, aquamarine birthstone jewellery is perfect for her.

Aquamarines have enjoyed enduring popularity, with examples of the stone in jewellery from every era. They were especially beloved during the Art Deco period. Aquamarines were set into cool-toned metals like white gold and platinum very often during this time. The clarity of these stones is also very well suited to the angular cuts that were popular in the 1920s.

In AC Silver’s aquamarine jewellery collection, you’ll find a range of Art Deco jewellery pieces with sharp and angular aquamarines as well as Victorian beauties and vintage delights. Check out these necklaces and pendants to get some perspective on the variety of aquamarine jewellery.

March Birthstone Gifts for Her
Antique March Birthstone Gifts for Her
Vintage March Birthstone Gifts for Her

Like amethysts, aquamarines are on the more pocket-friendly side of the spectrum for precious gemstones. This, once again, means that you can opt for a much larger stone without necessarily going over budget. We’ve got some stunning aquamarine cocktail rings that pack a wallop in their carat weight without leaving you penniless at the end of the day. The perfect statement jewellery piece for the woman you love with a March birthday.

Aquamarine Birthstone Gifts for Her
Aquamarine Birthstone Rings
Aquamarine Birthstone Ring for her

The aquamarine is a lucky birthstone to have. The variety of blue shades makes it easy to customise to your personal tastes. Furthermore, its relative affordability means that you can find an enormous range of sizes and gemstone cuts to suit the way you like your jewellery the most.

April Birthstone Gifts for Her

The truly ‘lucky’ ones are those born in April. Their birthstone is none other than the diamond. Diamond jewellery is the epitome of luxury. With this luxury, however, comes a hefty price tag. You don’t have to break the bank to have a great diamond jewellery gift for your loved one, however. The range of diamond jewellery available to you through AC Silver covers a broad price range, allowing you to choose how much you’re going to spoil her for her next birthday.

One of the toughest materials in the natural world, diamonds are perfect for those Taurus and Aries birthday girls. Diamonds have been associated with engagement rings for many centuries now. Don’t worry, you don’t have to propose just because your girlfriend was born in April. Between classics like diamond stud earrings, diamond brooches, and diamond tennis bracelets, there are plenty of options outside of the engagement ring spectrum for you.

Each one of these items is the perfect April birthstone gift that doesn’t live on the ring finger. No matter which birthday it is in the midst of spring, the sparkling of diamonds always goes down a treat. Earrings, bracelets, brooches, and pendants represent creative options that don’t force you down a path you might not be ready for (or perhaps already travelled years ago)!

April Birthstone Gifts for Her
Diamond Birthstone Gifts for Her
diamond birthstone pendant

If, however, you quite like the idea of proposing on your loved one’s birthday, birthstone jewellery is the answer. Our selection of diamond engagement rings spans from the traditional diamond solitaire ring, through to more unique styles. Whether you like the idea of a trilogy ring, a twist ring, or a cluster ring as your engagement ring, we’ve got it all in the diamond rings category. You can also explore the different setting metals used in each piece. The classic warmth of yellow gold is abundant, as is white gold and even platinum.

diamond ring for her
diamond eternity for her
diamond trilogy for her

Diamond jewellery is ubiquitous. It suits every occasion, it can be modified to any price range, and it is used in every style and era. Whether your girlfriend loves unique antiques or prefers to stay up to date with current trends, diamond jewellery is always the right answer.

May Birthstone Gifts for Her

Aside from diamonds, emeralds are the most expensive precious gemstone around. Those born in May are lucky enough to have this beautiful stone as their birthstone. The trade of emeralds goes back more than 6,000 years. There has never been so much as a dip in popularity for these amazing gemstones in all that time. They have always been heavily associated with royalty. Cleopatra and Catherine the Great were both supposedly partial to this richly-coloured gemstone.

If the woman you’re buying a birthday present for is something of a Cleopatra herself, birthstone jewellery gifts are perfect for her. Emeralds are believed to bring about success, fortune, and good health – what more could she want? Our emerald jewellery features incredibly well-coloured stones, many of them with superior origins. Colombian emeralds are some of the finest examples of the stone available, and we’re fortunate to boast several such pieces.

May Birthstone Gifts for Her
Emerald Birthstone Gifts for Her
Emerald frog brooch

A lot of emerald jewellery is large, wanting to make the most of the stones themselves. If the lady you know born in May, however, prefers more minimal pieces, we have you covered. Emerald jewellery doesn’t have to be an enormous statement, and it can blend wonderfully as a small piece of everyday jewellery. Check out these emerald jewellery pieces that don’t go over the top, whilst still bringing a delightful pop!

emerald birthstone bangle
emerald birthstone earrings
emerald birthstone ring

Emeralds are stylish gemstones that are perfect for celebrations of all kinds. In the throes of the spring, the delicious greens of some emerald jewellery pieces are exactly what your loved one deserves to have that can take pride of place in her jewellery box!

June Birthstone Gifts for Her

Nothing could be more timeless than the June birthstone, pearls. Pearls are among the oldest organic stones to be used in jewellery. Cultivated within living organisms like oysters and mussels, pearls are each unique and stunning. Their lustre is what makes them so appealing, rather than being faceted like most other gemstones. Pearls require some special care in order to look their best, and they are a fantastic addition to any jewellery collection.

Pearls are associated with purity, beauty, and wisdom. They have been referred to as the queen of gems, once heavily associated with royalty. In Ancient Rome, pearls were so highly valued that supposedly the Roman general, Vitellius, funded his military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s pearl earrings. There are different coloured pearls in an endless series of shapes – ideal for personalising your gift to perfectly suit her tastes.

June Birthstone Gifts for Her
Pearl Birthstone Gifts for Her
Pearl necklace gift

When you picture a pearl, you’re probably thinking of a gently glistening white stone. There are, however, multiple colours a pearl can take. We are lucky to have such colourful stones in our own pearl jewellery collection. If you know the birthday girl isn’t as keen on the plain white colour, consider some of these pearl pieces for her instead. The Asprey & Co jewellery suite in particular demonstrates the many subtle hues and shades for these naturally-occurring stones.

salt water pearl birthstone jewellery
pearl earrings for her
antique pearl ring gift

Pearls, whether natural or cultured, are sophisticated stones. They have a timeless beauty to them that makes them the perfect gift for any woman. Pearl jewellery never goes out of style, and it’s every bit as crucial as a little black dress to complete a woman’s wardrobe.

July Birthstone Gifts for Her

It seems fitting that the height of summer should be represented by the sizzling-hot red gemstone: ruby. July birthstone gifts are inherently passionate, thanks to the richness of the gemstone’s interior colours. The earliest records of ruby trading are dated to 200BC on the Silk Road. This trade route passed along Asia and through Turkey, allowing Europe and Asia to trade before the widespread use of oceanic trading routes. Rubies from Asia are typically of the finest quality.

Myanmar in particular has a history of presenting the most exceptional vermillion gemstones. The most expensive ruby colouring is titled ‘pigeon blood’ red. It was initially believed that only Myanmar produced rubies of this quality, but stones in a range of countries have since been discovered to house pigeon blood red rubies. The spectrum of colour for rubies is more versatile than the richest red, however. Check out these ruby jewellery pieces to see some of the variety available in this stunning gemstone.

July Birthstone Gifts for Her
Ruby Birthstone Gifts for Her
Ruby Brooch Gifts for Her

Ruby cluster rings are among the most stunning settings for the gemstone. If you want a show-stopper gift for your loved one on her birthday, give ruby clusters a chance. The diamond surrounds popularly found in these types of rings are the perfect touch to set off the stone’s beauty. Wearing a ruby ring, whether it’s an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, is sure to be the icing on the cake for a great birthday.

ruby gifts for her
ruby ring for her
ruby birthstone ring for her

Rubies, whether large or small, are sure to be appreciated by those celebrating in July. They have been used in luxury jewellery for hundreds of years, meaning the range of styles available is basically limitless.

August Birthstone Gifts for Her

August is a month with two birthstones. The main birthstone for this late-summer month of the peridot. These beautiful gemstones typically take on an earthy green colour. Ranging from a rich, mossy green, up to much paler, yellow-green shades. Spinels, on the other hand, are a bright red colour. Historically, spinels have been mistaken for rubies, and are sometimes still referred to as the poor man’s ruby. Closely resembling the better-known stone, spinels are gemstones in their own right. There is even a large spinel in pride of place on the Crown jewels.

Opting for the main birthstone, peridot, means gifting your loved one with an improved memory and eased aches and pains – supposedly. The peridot is believed to be a powerful stone, brining financial prosperity in addition to the aforementioned benefits. The name comes from the Greek term ‘peridona’, meaning abundant giving. It truly is abundant to give the gift of peridot jewellery for that upcoming August birthday.

Check out these spectacular pieces of peridot birthstone jewellery to get a sense for the type of gifts you could be offering.

August Birthstone Gifts for Her
Peridot Birthstone Gifts for Her
Spinel Birthstone Gifts for Her

The bright cheeriness of the peridot’s colour is perfect for celebrating a birthday in August. In Ancient Egypt, these stones were believed to prevent night terrors. The peridot was the gem of the sun in that culture, and they were worn at night to keep away from anything that could cause harm in the dark. In jewellery, they are often used alongside a variety of other gemstones, creating a beautiful, colourful display. Check out these pieces to see how well peridot can compliment the stones around it!

Antique Birthstone Gifts for Her
Vintage Birthstone Gifts for Her
Gemstone Birthstone Gifts for Her

Whether you opt for the peridot or the spinel, at the end of the day you’re going to be very happy. These jewellery pieces are stunning in their beauty and quality.

September Birthstone Gifts for Her

As the weather starts to cool off, so do the birthstones. Those born in September get to enjoy the stunning sapphire as their birthstone. Famed around the world for its beautiful, dark blue colouring, sapphires are among the most highly-valued precious stones around. Much like the aquamarine, sapphires have a fairly self-explanatory etymology. The word sapphire evolved from the Greek ‘sappheiros’, used to describe blue things.

Sapphires have been found around the world, with especially rich deposits existing across much of Asia. Ceylon sapphires, from Myanmar, often fetch the highest price tags for their beautiful and rich colouring.

Historically, sapphires have supposedly been responsible for holding up the Earth. Ancient Persian mythology in particular posits that the Earth’s surface is flat, and resting upon a ginormous sapphire. They believed this sapphire is what the sea was made of, and finding deposits of it in the ground was the water in solid form. There is something inherently mythical about sapphires, and just looking at them has us all lusting for their sparkle.

September Birthstone Gifts for Her
Sapphire Birthstone Gifts for Her
Sapphire Gifts for Her

Although the blue colours of sapphires are what makes them so appealing for so many, it’s not the only colour available. Pink sapphires are distinctive in their unique tones, making them ideal for those who want something different. Our pink sapphire jewellery is exceptional quality, with well-coloured stones that perfectly compliment the diverse jewellery styles.

purple sapphire gifts
pink sapphire for her
star sapphire gift for her

Sapphires have recently become very popular as engagement rings. Ever since Princess Diana wore one gifted to her by Prince Charles in the 1980s, this stone has been a romantic option for many. If your girlfriend was born in September and you can see a wedding in your future, think about the sapphire stone.

October Birthstone Gifts for Her

Lucky October birthday girls have opals to look forward to – an exceptionally popular gemstone! Opals are known for their internal fire, sometimes called a play of colour. This allows opals to simultaneously be blue, green, white, black, yellow, and almost any other colour. The scintillating internal movement of light and colour in an opal is positively mystifying – impossible to ignore.

Opals have a long history of being intrinsically linked to eyesight. The word opal comes from the Ancient Roman ‘opalus’, meaning precious stone. They were believed to provide a defence against illnesses that could impact the eyes and eyesight. Furthermore, they supposedly steered the wearer away from danger, using their prophetic abilities to urge people down the safer path. Perhaps the woman who know and love with an October birthday could use this kind of guide in her life?

Explore some of our stunning opal jewellery pieces to see if something catches your eye. The range of opal colours, shapes, and jewellery styles is likely to leave you longing for more and more!

October Birthstone Gifts for Her
Opal Birthstone Gifts for Her
Opal Gifts for Her

October is another one of those especially lucky months – which all seem to be at the end of the year – that has two birthstones. The second birthstone associated with October is the tourmaline. Like the opal, this stone can be found in multiple colours – although only in one colour at a time. Most tourmalines are a dense, green colour. They can, however, be a stunningly bright and well-saturated pink colour. The tourmaline can also dip into a striking red hue. Since opals are a very unique and distinctive stone, it’s understandable that they could be divisive for some. If the woman you love is one such person, tourmaline birthstone jewellery is the ally you need.

tourmaline gifts for her
tourmaline gifts
tourmaline birthstone gifts

The changing colours of an opal are perfect to represent the changing colours of the autumn season. October birthdays deserve a bright and colourful celebration – even if the weather outside might not quite match up!

November Birthstone Gifts for Her

November is associated with two birthstones, with the focal stone being citrine. Citrines take on a range of orange-golden tones that are perfect for warming up the colder month’s birthdays. Historically referred to as the money stone, Ancient Greek and Roman cultures believed that wearing citrines would increase your chances of coming into financial success. Antique and vintage Citrine rings were especially popular in the quest for wealth, keeping the stone close to the hands that will handle the money.

If the lady you love likes antique jewellery, you’re in luck. Queen Victoria was a big fan of the gemstone, and so citrine jewellery took off in the Victorian period. We are fortunate enough to have several pieces of Victorian jewellery that feature stunning citrines in our collection. The golden warmth of the citrine has been popular in a range of periods. We have Art Deco citrine jewellery and Art Nouveau citrine jewellery in addition to the Victorian beauties.

November Birthstone Gifts for Her
Citrine Birthstone Gifts for Her
Citrine pendant gift for her

The other gemstone related to the November birth month is topaz. A lot of topaz stones share a similar golden tone to the citrines. There are other topaz colours, however, that offer a greater range when it comes to November birthstone gifts for her. Blue topaz is very common, as is pink topaz. There are also smoky topaz pieces in our collection. This topaz colour presents a rose gold/bronze tone that balances elegance with glamour effortlessly. Check out some of our topaz pieces to see if this is a better birthstone gift choice for your November lady.

Topaz Birthstone Gifts for Her
Topaz Gifts for Her
Topaz ring for her

November can be a cold, cold time, and drawing on the warmth of these stunning gemstones is a great way to keep birthdays bright and cheery.

December Birthstone Gifts for Her

Finally, those whose birthdays close up the year. December birthdays actually have three birthstones, with the focal stone being turquoise. Turquoise is a stone that has been beloved for millennia. Ancient Egyptians used turquoise as an inlay in jewellery, weapons, and tools, as well as in their burial ornamentation. Perhaps the most famous piece of turquoise in the world is featured in the burial mask of Tutankhamun.

The stone was used heavily throughout the Victorian period, being brought to the UK through Turkey. The name turquoise actually comes from the French term for ‘Turkish stone’. Victorian turquoise jewellery is wonderfully unique. Popular designs of the time like crescent moons were often ornamented with turquoise, letting the solid colour of the stone stand out. Turquoise is also often paired with other gemstones, creating beauty in the contrast. Browse our stunning turquoise jewellery collection including a fabulous selection of turquoise rings.

December Birthstone Gifts for Her
Turquoise Birthstone Gifts for Her
Turquoise ring for her

The other two birthstones for those born at the close of the year are zircon and tanzanite. Zircon is usually a bright, light blue colour. The internal light refraction index in zircon is very high, giving them a sparkle comparable to diamonds. Although they sound like cubic zirconia, they are distinctly different stones. Cubic zirconia are synthetically manufactured in order to simulate diamonds, while zircon is naturally formed. Tanzanite stands out for its violet colouring. Sitting somewhere between blue and purple, this striking stone is similar to an amethyst but with added brightness and sparkle. These gemstones give a lot of variety for anyone who would be less enthusiastic about turquoise birthstone jewellery.

Zircon Birthstone Gifts for Her
Vintage December Birthstone Gifts for Her
Antique December Birthstone Gifts for Her

Birthstone jewellery is the type of gift that you can give year after year. With our extensive collections of vintage and antique jewellery, it’s basically a guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect birthday gift for the woman you love – no matter when it’s her birthday. The next time she has a big day coming up, check out her birthstone category for your gift inspiration.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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