What is an anniversary ring? When should you buy an anniversary ring? What do anniversary rings look like? If any of these questions have ever plagued your mind – or if they’re plaguing your mind just now that you’ve read them – fear not. In today’s blog, we’re diving into all things anniversary ring, giving you the ultimate guide to what they are and when they should be included in your life.

What is an Anniversary Ring?

Anniversary rings and half eternity rings are often used as interchangeable names for the same thing. What we’re calling an anniversary ring today is a ring that features a row of gemstones on one side of the band.

The main difference between an anniversary ring and a half eternity is that there is generally more variety in the anniversary ring. Not only is the size of the gemstones used in an anniversary ring more variable, but the gemstones themselves have a lot more potential combinations.

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Anniversary Ring?

What is an Anniversary Ring

Eternity Rings

When you’re looking for the difference between wedding rings and anniversary rings, it largely depends on your style. Most wedding bands are plain metals, in which case the difference is a generous dusting of gemstones. Some people, however, get wedding bands with diamond accents, making it more difficult to distinguish between a wedding band and an anniversary ring.

If you have a wedding band with diamond elements and you still are interested in getting an anniversary ring, you can opt for an anniversary ring with different gemstones, or a different carat weight. There are a lot of ways of making your anniversary ring your own, regardless of your wedding band’s appearance.

When to Buy an Anniversary Ring

If you like the sounds of an anniversary ring – whether you want some form of eternity ring or something completely different – then your next wedding anniversary might be the perfect occasion for dropping a hint. Anniversary rings aren’t limited to a specific year, so you can use any year to celebrate with a stunning ring.

If you want something made custom, you’ll have to plan in advance – it usually takes a few weeks to craft something from scratch. However, if you’re more interested in antique and vintage jewellery, we have a selection of gemstone rings that would fit the bill perfectly.

Another option for buying anniversary rings is to choose one with a number of gemstones that corresponds to the number of years you’ve been married. We have a wide range of trilogy rings that would be perfect for the third year, as well as five stone rings that would be gorgeous for commemorating your fifth year of matrimonial bliss.

How Do You Wear an Anniversary Ring?

More often than not, an anniversary ring is worn on the left hand. It’s usually on the ring finger in between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. There’s no need to feel like you should be tied to this wearing style however, as your jewellery is your choice.

You should choose an anniversary ring that best fits on whichever finger you’d like. You can use the traditional wedding anniversary gifts as a guide for what gemstone should be in your anniversary ring, or even your favourite colour.

When it comes to anniversary rings, you have a lot of choices that are sure to see you right the next time you and the love of your life celebrate another year of being legally and romantically bound.

Anniversary Rings

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