Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress

Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress
Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress

Not everyone is bold enough to opt for a sunny yellow dress, but if you’re a fan of bright colours and eye-catching designs, you’re sure to look fabulous in striking block colours accented with carefully selected jewellery. When it comes to finding earrings to match your yellow dress, it all amounts to a careful balance of bravery and subtlety. You’re already pushing the boat out by wearing bright colours, so it can certainly be difficult to navigate the accessorising stage.

Here are our top tips when it comes to matching earrings to your yellow dress, whether you’re after a subtle summery look, or a show-stopping vintage aesthetic.

Glowing Golds

Yellow dresses are a beautiful addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe, and a simple yet bright yellow dress is a wonderful piece to pack in your holiday suitcase. When wearing your dress out in the sun, perhaps while sipping cocktails or at a beach party, simple gold accessories will catch the light and add to the captivating glow of your outfit.

Glowing Golds
Glowing Gold Earrings

Gold earrings will complement the tone of your yellow dress while adding that special something extra. They will catch the light beautifully, but without detracting too much attention to the all-important dress.

If you want to add a few more accessories, some simple gold bangles would finish this look off beautifully.

Summer Bright

A subtle glow may be enough in some circumstances, especially if you prefer more refined fashion styles, but what if you really want to make an impact? Be bold with some bright earrings that echo the confidence of your striking yellow dress.

Emerald Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress
Gemstone Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress

For bright and playful designs, vintage earrings are the way to go. For contrasting bright colours, turquoise, emerald, and aquamarine are all wonderful gemstones to choose. Any of these will stand out next to yellow, and add a nostalgic retro feel to your perfect summer outfit.

Black and Yellow

So, what happens when you want to take your playful summer outfit from day to night? Yellow dresses may be most frequently associated with day parties and holidays, but they can also look fabulous during an evening event, or one that could span from day to evening such as a wedding.

For a striking evening aesthetic, with the right amount of edge. Increase the contrast of your outfit by pairing your yellow dress with some bold black earrings. Onyx earrings are perfect for adding a new dynamic to your look, whether you opt for simple circular studs or more extravagant Art Deco style earrings.

Black Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress
Onyx Earrings to Match a Yellow Dress

If you were hesitating over the idea of wearing yellow, we hope we’ve inspired you to throw away your reservations and embrace all things bright and bold! If you’re looking for more inspiration, browse our full range of earrings and other jewellery to find the accessories of your dreams!

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