Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Engagement rings for small hands

Whether you’re looking for yourself or searching for the perfect surprise for your small-handed partner we’re here to guide you to the perfect fit.

Petite Proportions

It’s important to consider proportion when buying rings for petite hands. In general, the average ring size for women is an M, so anything lower you could consider as a smaller hand. Smaller hands look delicate and dainty with ease but can also be a challenge to get that all-important perfect fit.

If you have small hands with thicker or shorter fingers you might want to think about picking something that elongates and compliments your proportions. Anything on the wider side might make the finger look a little stubby. If you’re blessed with longer fingers you might be in luck as your fingers won’t need elongating. Classic styles and cuts tend to look beautifully delicate on longer fingers so consider a chunkier cut like an emerald or a baguette to create a bit of presence.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Does size matter? You might think bigger is better when it comes to diamonds but it’s important to consider that more carat weight might not suit a smaller hand. When choosing the right diamond consider that smaller carat sizes tend to suit small hands with the benefit being that it will still look bigger in proportion to the finger. Anything too large might overwhelm the sizer and look too imposing.

Engagement Ring Styles for Small Hands

Let’s get to the fun part and discuss ideal engagement ring styles for small hands.

Classic Engagement Ring Style

Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Traditional solitaire rings can look beautiful on petite hands. Choosing solitaires with round cut gemstones always look elegant on small hands, or choose a cut to create an elongating illusion such as a pear or marquise cut. Be careful to not pick a marquise that is too large as it might overpower the hand. Instead, choose something like this claw set marquise diamond solitaire ring that is simple and elegant without being over imposing. At just under a carat in weight and size J ½, this ring is on the smaller size and could be easily resized for your perfect fit.

Twist Engagement Ring Style

Twist Engagement Ring for Small Hands

When looking for engagement rings for petite women, twist rings can be an excellent choice; the twist brings an elegance that elevates the overall look. Twist rings are an excellent choice for people that want something a little different from the classic solitaire ring. Twist rings are making a comeback in popularity at the moment, with people preferring them to styles that are seen as more traditional by some and even as far as ‘boring’ by others. Keep the sophistication, lose the tradition – twist it up.

Trilogy Engagement Ring Style

Although we have warned against having ‘too much’ diamond carat weight in your engagement ring, it is possible to make a high carat weight work for you. Trilogy rings are the perfect way of getting more sparkle on your finger. Sitting somewhere between the classical solitaire ring and the elegant twist ring, a trilogy engagement ring is an excellent choice when it comes to wanting some extravagance. After all, having a small hand shouldn’t have to stop you from having one (or three) big rocks on your finger. Remember engagement rings aren’t limited to diamonds. Other gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires make impressive engagement rings, but if you’re unsure why not go for a bit of both with a gemstone diamond trilogy.

Trilogy Engagement Ring for Small Hands
Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring for Small Hands

Cluster Engagement Ring Style

Cluster engagement rings are a very popular style, and for good reason. They are exceptionally glamorous and the arrangement of diamonds brings so much sparkle it’s hard not to love them. Many petite women avoid cluster rings all together, believing they are too large for small hands. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you buy a cluster ring with smaller diamonds they will they appear larger on your hand. Furthermore, they can complement the natural size of your hands.

Cluster Engagement Ring for Small Hands
Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring for Small Hands
Gemstone Cluster Engagement Ring for Small Hands

Shank Size Considerations

Shank Size Considerations

One last thing to consider is the ring band itself. Thin, slender metal ring shanks are ideal for maintaining proportion, with another advantage being that they make the fingers look slimmer. If you have smaller hands but a wider finger, this might be something to consider. This diamond solitaire is a perfect example of how elevated, tapering ring shoulders create a thin, delicate look on the finger.

At the end of the day, it is down to personal choice, but if you’re struggling to make a decision for yourself or your small handed potential fiancé, we hope this blog has given you some guidance in choosing your perfect engagement ring. At AC Silver we have a wide range of unique antique and vintage rings, most of which are available to be resized to meet your small hands requirements.

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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