Gifts For Antique Lovers

Gifts For Antique Lovers

Antique lovers have a deep appreciation of the craftsmanship, elegance and history of pieces from bygone eras. If this sounds like someone you know, you might be looking for an idea of what to get someone for Christmas or just in general! When it comes to choosing gifts for antique lovers, silverware and jewellery are a great go-to. In this blog, we will explore some options that are sure to delight the antique connoisseur in your life.

Whilst antique collecting knows no gender boundaries and we believe jewellery can be worn by all, regardless of gender however we understand gifting can be hard! Here we’ve given some guidance as what to gift for the antique lover in your life.

Gifts For Him

If you are looking for unique gifts for him whether he’s a sports fan, on the refined side or a bit bolder, we have a couple ideas for gifting an antique lover.

Dressed to Impress

Gifts For Antique Lovers

If he’s had an eye on the recent fashion shows, he’ll know brooches have become the new go-to accessory for men. Spotted from runways to the red carpets brooches are the trending accessory of the year. A simple bar brooch or pin broch might be just the finishing touch to his look, or go more extravagant with something unusual or diamond encrusted! Of course, you can always stay more traditional with a pair of cufflinks. Antique cufflinks are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to a man’s wardrobe. Choose from styles that range from understated and elegant to ornate and eye-catching.

For the Sports Fan

For the sports fan in your life get him something to impress his friends. If he likes to head down to the driving range on the weekend, raise the ‘par’ by gifting golf related gifts such as this sterling silver golfing mug.  With an exceptional gauge of silver, this Edwardian antique would make a fine gift for any golf enthusiast. If golf is not his cup of ‘tee’, don’t worry, we have plenty more sports-related gifts from this 1980’s diamond tennis racket brooch to these impressive yellow gold football cufflinks.

Gifts For Antique Sports Lovers
Antique gifts for sports fan
Antique gift for sports fan

Gentlemen’s Study

A study, an office, a man cave, whatever you’d like to call it, consider it might need some distinct accessorising! Antique paperweights or silver ornaments look striking on desks and shelves, adding distinguished edge and masculine touch to a modern home.  Desk silver has been used in studies and libraries for a very long time and is highly collected by antique enthusiasts. Smoking accessories such as vesta cases and match strikers also make exceptional gifts for the distinguished gentleman in your life.

Antique gifts for office
Antique gifts for study

Antique Gifts for Her

Now when it comes to gifts for her there is such a variety of things to consider. Emerald jewellery make strikingly beautiful gifts, so consider the luxurious green gemstone for your antique lover. Victorian pieces feel deeply sentimental yet who couldn’t like diamonds! Let’s explore all these choices:

Emerald Gifts for her

Emeralds represent love, hope and stability. The precious gemstone comes in such a stunning range of green hues, but look beautiful with a variety of hair colours and skin tones so you don’t have to worry there. Emerald earrings, necklaces and bracelets make stunning gifts, and pair beautifully with diamonds. Of course, we could never say no to gifting an emerald ring, but be careful to get her ring size right or check return policies in place so you may get it sized after she’s said she loves it!

Antique Emerald Gifts for her
Emerald Gifts for her

Victorian Jewellery

Victorian Jewellery Gifts

We love pieces from the Victorian era, they just feel so sentimental! Lockets were popular during the Victorian period as they often contained a lock of hair, a portrait or even a love letter, with the appeal being that it allows the wearer to keep a loved one close to their hearts at all times. Victorian jewellery from the romantic period are also perfect for gifting as the pieces of the time truly capture the romance between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Popular gemstones and materials of the time include amethyst, seed pearls, turquoise and coral.

Diamond Gifts

When it comes to diamonds you can’t go wrong, just make sure your considering the importance of the 4 C’s when it comes to understanding the quality of a diamond. As the strongest gemstone, diamonds are so durable they can last long beyond your lifetime and be passed down through generations. Start your own traditions and get that heirloom piece you can cherish in the form of a diamond ring, necklace or bracelet. For an investment and subtle glamour opt for a diamond brooch with high diamond content, not only is this a good investment but it will really sparkle with any outfit.

Antique Diamond Gifts
Antique Diamond Gift

We love diamond bracelets for a gift, they are gift perfect for a luxurious touch than can be layered and paired with a multitude of jewellery. A diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect gift for her; sophisticated and effortless, the tennis bracelet can be worn on any occasion and makes an exceptional gift.

Antique Furniture Gifts

If you think the person you have in mind might shy away from jewellery consider antique silver or even furniture. Why do people love antique furniture gifts? Antique furniture can be a unique and beautiful gift for anyone, and with the right care can be treasured for a long time. For someone who’s more into Architectural Digest than Vogue, we’ve got a couple gift ideas in mind.

Antique Furniture Gifts
Image courtesy of 1stDibs

For a film lover, why not try an original vintage film poster? We love this poster of the cherished 1950s film ‘White Christmas’. If you want something a little less seasonal, 1st Dibs has a range of vintage film posters from Hitchcock to Kubrick so there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

For something sentimental a beautiful antique photograph frame might be the perfect idea. Sterling silver frames embellished with enamel or even mother of pearl can help them preserve and display photos they hold close to their heart, new or old. This is a truly thoughtful gift, especially if you have the perfect photo in mind!

Decorative objects or animal-related silver are also great choices as an eye-catching addition to home décor. Centrepieces such as antique tazzas or silver nefs are real showstoppers and great for special occasions or dinner parties. Sugar boxes modelled after animals might appear as a somewhat novelty gift but hold a rich history.

Antique Silver Furniture Gifts
Antique Silver Gifts
Antique Decorative Gifts

The gift of a work of art such as a beautiful art-deco vase would be a joy to receive, or if they love jewellery a jewellery box or trinket dish might be even better. These pieces would look beautiful in a reception or even bedside table where they can be admired regularly.


Remember, the key to finding the perfect antique gift for him or her is to consider their personal tastes, preferences, and the stories that resonate with them. Each piece of antique jewellery or silverware carries a unique history, making it a meaningful and sentimental gift choice. We hope this blog has given you some guidance in your gifting selection!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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