Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples

Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples

Weddings are among the most traditional and exalted celebrations. The gifts given at wedding ceremonies are often traditional as well, like silverware. Silver wedding gifts for couples have been a popular choice since the 1920s. Before that, however, wedding gifts were somewhat different.

Let’s check out their evolution.

The History of Wedding Gifts

In more strictly patriarchal times, the bride had a dowry that was paid to her husband. Typically, this took the form of livestock, land, or simply money. The wedding was focused on celebrating the union, and guests didn’t give gifts. This changed around the time of the Renaissance period. At this time, ornate chests were given as gifts. These wedding chests were intended for carrying the items the bride wanted to bring into the groom’s household. The wedding chest evolved into a hope chest. Single ladies had hope chests where they collected items for their future lives as married women.

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In 1924, American department store, Macy’s, initiated a wedding gift registry system. Gift registries allowed couples to pick out items they’d like to receive. Guests could go to the department store and choose items from the registry, ensuring the couple was pleased with their gifting choice. Other large department stores quickly followed suit, and gift registries are still commonplace in America. The concept of wedding gifts was broadened out to included decorative items like crystal, glassware, porcelain, and silver. With the household considered the women’s domain at the time, brides typically had the final say about what made it to the gift registry.

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The biggest gifts given to couples in the last century were appliances. It was unseemly for couples to live together before marriage, and so they were in need of household essentials for their married life. Today, however, lots of couples live together for years before marriage. Equally, the couples are more likely to choose what gifts they want together. Some couples choose to ask for money to contribute to a honeymoon rather than physical gifts. Others still ask for donations to be given to specific charities. Decorative objects like silver, however, are still commonplace requests.

These items balance practicality with beauty. Silver wedding gifts also become family heirlooms, being passed down through the generations. Here are some of the most popular silver wedding gifts for couples.

Canteens of Cutlery

Households today usually have stainless-steel cutlery. For formal occasions, however, a sterling silver canteen of cutlery is perfect. Some of our canteens are presented in exquisite wooden boxes. They are stunning decorative pieces even when not in use. A great element of the canteen gift is that the extensive range of styles makes it easy to personalise. Canteens have also been made in an array of aesthetic styles. Whatever the couple’s tastes, there’s sure to be a canteen that’s perfect for them.

Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples
American Silver Canteen
Silver Canteens for Wedding Gifts

Photograph Frames

Every wedding is certain to accumulate lots of pictures. Having somewhere to display them is an excellent opportunity for this gift. Antique sterling silver frames are the perfect accent to these hugely sentimental pictures. They are every bit as diverse as a silver canteen, coming in every size and shape. A double frame is a great way of displaying pictures of the bride and the groom alongside one another. Equally, an antique picture frame allows the couple to look forward to memories from their future. Perhaps they plan on having children, in which case the frame will be perfect for that precious baby picture.

Silver Photograph Frames
Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples
Silver Picture Frame


A candlelit dinner is an iconic symbol of romance; what better way to mark the most romantic occasion in a couple’s life than provide them with a light for their table? There are many sizes, styles and forms that would suit tables, sideboards and mantelpieces– silver candlesticks are a classic wedding gift and they suit all households. At one time, candles were a necessity in every household, providing the only light. Today, however, they are simply the most stunning accessory for any space.

Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples
Pair of Silver Candlesticks
Silver Candlestick Wedding Gift

Engravable Silverware for a Wedding Gift

Although family crests and coat of arms imagery aren’t used much today, they were once paramount to a wedding. It was common to combine both families’ images to create a brand-new crest. Some couples today choose to create a new crest together. Getting this imagery, or perhaps the family names, engraved on some silverware makes for an excellent personalised gift.

Flat surfaces are best for any form of engraving, so perhaps trays, salvers, and napkin rings are the best choice. Personalised silver is a great gift for family members. It creates a family heirloom that the couple can treasure for a lifetime.

Silver Salver
Antique Galleried Tray for Wedding Couples
Silver Wedding Gifts for Couples

Choosing to give a silver wedding gift ensures your present stands out among the crowd. If you’re a couple thinking about what sort of gifts you want for your wedding, consider the beauty of sterling silver.

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