With such a large inventory of teaware here at AC Silver, it is not uncommon for us to receive enquiries on the best ways to keep these items clean. These phone calls make me smile as it is nice to know that these exceptional pieces of silver are being used daily and have slotted into someone’s home. Whilst we do provide our customers with anti-tarnish bags for their contemporary, vintage, and antique silverware, pieces that are well-used require some extra TLC.

How to Keep Your Teapot Clean

Cleaning the Outside of the Teapot

With any item, the silver can tarnish over time if it is not regularly cleaned. Whilst tarnish does not actually harm the silver, it isn’t very attractive. Here at AC Silver we use Silvo to clean our silver, which can be found at your local hardware store. Make sure you wear soft cotton gloves when handling it as the process can tarnish your hands. Simply sparingly rub the Silvo wadding onto the silver and buff with a duster or soft cloth. This takes a bit of elbow grease but your teapot should be looking sparkly and new in no time.


Removing Small Stains from the Inside of the Teapot (Tea Stains)

If used for their actual purpose, silver teapots often get small tea stains on the insides. I asked Mr Campbell what he suggests for the safe removal of these and his answer was pretty simple. He told me that if you simply fill the teapot to the brim with boiling water, adding two tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda prior and leave this solution to soak for 30 minutes this should lift the stains. When placing the teapot in the sink we suggest you put down a towel to protect the base from anything residue in the sink.

After the 30 minutes have passed, pour the water out through the spout of the teapot. Then rinse the teapot with warm water using a soft moistened sponge and a little bit of washing up liquid – make sure you do not use an abrasive sponge as it will damage the silver. Ensure all the residue of the cleaning products has been washed off and then use a soft towel to dry the pot fully.


As long as you take the time to clean your silverware properly they will remain in excellent presentation condition for years and years. Don’t be scared of your silver – remember it’s probably already been around for at least a hundred years and has survived so far! As long as you are gentle and care for it you won’t have any problems. Happy cleaning!

Written by

Katharine Biggs

Katharine joined AC Silver as part of the retail team, and almost immediately became actively involved in the numerous internet media used to support sales. Having a degree in Psychology, Katharine brings a young and fresh approach to the business and this is reflected in her blog writing style.