How To Style Clip On Pearl Earrings

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Pearl jewellery has been a staple fashion trend for decades, and 2022 is no different. This year, in fact, we’re seeing clip on pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets become more popular than ever. Pearls proved to be a knock-out hit at the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, with this stunning gemstone adorning runway looks and being dubbed one of the must-have styles of the season by top fashion magazines including Mary ClaireCosmopolitan, and Vogue.

While pearl jewellery is enjoying the spotlight, we thought there was no better time than now to give you some tips on styling your pearl clip on earrings.

How to style clip on pearl earrings

Why Are Clip On Earrings In Fashion?

Even if you have pierced ears, vintage clip on earrings are still a fantastic option. While most earrings are created for pierced ears today, vintage and antique pearl earrings were more often created with clip on or screw on latched. Before the Victorian era, it wasn’t the custom to pierce your ears, so early pearl earring examples are likely to be clip on. This means that there’s a wealth of antique pearl clip on earrings to choose from, and now that pearl earrings are so in vogue, it’s the perfect time to add some unique antique pieces to your collection.

Which Metals Suit Pearl Clip On Earrings?

When choosing the perfect clip on pearl earrings for you, it’s important to consider which metal to go for. Like with any jewellery purchase, you should consider which metal matches best with your skin tone and, of course, which one you’re most drawn to. When it comes to pearls, both yellow gold and white gold can look fantastic, but they will have a slightly different effect. While clip on pearl earrings in gold will create a warm aesthetic, highlighting the cream and yellow tones within the pearls, white metals will create a more modern and clean-cut look – perfect for those with cooler skin tones.

Another option if you’re looking to create a particularly feminine and romantic style is pairing pearls with rose gold. Like yellow gold, rose gold brings out the warm hues of pearls.

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Alternatively, platinum is also a great option. Being one of the toughest metals that will not get damaged easily, platinum makes a great companion to pearls, which are softer and more delicate.

How To Style Small Clip On Pearl Earrings

Small clip on pearl earrings are perfect to wear as an everyday option and are incredibly easy to style. Pearl stud earrings are particularly versatile and will add a subtle touch of glamour to your outfit. Small clip on pearl earrings will look fantastic with and minimalist style. Pair them with a delicate and simple necklace in the same colour gold and try them with a sleek low bun hairstyle to let them stand out. Whether you’re heading to the office or to a lunch date, small clip on pearl earrings are a great bet.

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How To Style Large Clip On Pearl Earrings

Large clip on pearl earrings are perfect if you want to elevate your outfit to the next level. As well as larger studs, you can choose from a range of pearl drop earrings, pearl cluster earrings and more if you really want to make an impact. Large clip on earrings will stand-out well if you style them with an updo. For an extra element of sparkle, pair them with a matching statement necklace and don’t be afraid to mix your pearls with other gemstones such as dazzling diamonds.

Whether you’re planning a captivating evening outfit or you’re eager to incorporate more antique jewellery into your everyday wardrobe, pearl clip on earrings are perfect. Easy to style and effortlessly glamourous – you simply can’t go wrong with this style. Discover our full range of vintage and antique pearl earrings today.

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