Someone’s 80th birthday is the best reason to pull out all the stops and gift something really special. What do you give for an 80th birthday? Is jewellery a good birthday gift? We’re here to make the case for antique and vintage jewellery as the perfect 80th birthday present for the woman in your life.

Antique Jewellery

If you’re wondering what stone is for the 80th birthday, then worry not – there is no stone reserved for specific birthdays. If you want to follow the path of anniversary gifts for your 80-year-old, then rubies are the way to go. Ruby jewellery is a special gift that can be celebrated at any age.

Another fun way to choose jewellery for someone’s 80th birthday is to find a piece that’s also approaching its 80th. We have a huge variety of jewellery from the 1940s, each piece of which would make for a memorable and treasured gift. If you’re more interested in specific jewellery suggestions, let’s have a look at some other options.


When buying jewellery for someone turning 80, you want to consider their age and ability; some pieces of jewellery – like rings – can be very difficult to put on and remove when you are in your more senior years. With that in mind, bracelets and bangles can be a good choice for an 80th birthday present.

Most bangles will either slide straight over the hand with some encouragement, or have a hinged fastening that is easy to operate, making them a practical choice as well as a beautiful one. From Antique Victorian jewellery to more contemporary pieces, our collection of bangles displays a range of styles that makes it simple to find something you like – and impossible to find just one thing among the thousands of options!

Check out two of our bangles – one Victorian and one a vintage 1970s piece – and think about the kinds of styles the birthday girl would most like to sport on her wrist. The pearls and turquoise come together in the antique bangle to create something wholly unique, while the stunning number of diamonds in the vintage bangle is a fitting amount of glamour for a birthday as important as the 80th.

Jewellery Presents for 80 Year Olds
Jewellery Ideas for 80th Birthday


When I first started becoming interested in jewellery, I have to admit that brooches didn’t do it for me. My initial thought was that they were boring pieces of jewellery for old ladies. Let me tell you, I have had something of a spiritual-jewellery awakening since then. Brooches are beautiful pieces of jewellery that allow the wearer to display unique elements of their personality whilst being effortless and chic.

If you’re thinking about bringing in that wondrous 80th year with a brooch, there are two main roads to explore. There are highly glamorous brooches that feature a plethora of diamonds, elegant designs, and have a secret of their own that spans many decades. The other direction that brooches can take is the wonderfully quirky, unique, and whimsical. These brooches often make use of enamel and other bright materials to depict a variety of animals and other fun images.

You can see from our two examples of brooches just how enjoyable both styles are; each one has a refined beauty that’s sure to be appreciated. The 1940s diamond and pearl brooch has a stunning spread that would look perfect on a blazer or a scarf. Equally, the vintage 1970s butterfly brooch has a beautiful array of colours that would benefit any outfit.

Jewellery Gifts
80th Birthday Gifts


One last type of jewellery that we recommend for 80th birthday presents is necklaces and pendants. Both of these types of jewellery are perfect for an older, more refined lady with an advanced sense of style. If the soon-to-be-80-year-old in your life likes to have something bejewelled and beautiful around her neck, we have a truly enormous range of necklaces and pendants that are ready to do the trick.

We have a lot of antique pendants that are perfect gifts, being wonderfully memorable and special for their beauty and uniqueness. Check out the two examples of pendants we’ve chosen to show off as ideal 80th birthday presents. On the left, we have a stunning amethyst and diamond pendant from the 1920s that is elegance defined.

On the right, a 19th century coral and enamel cross pendant is a beautiful gift for ladies who have faith. Religious gifts can be a wonderfully intimate gift; the ultimate way of showing how well you know the birthday girl. Among the many cross pendants we have, this example is especially beautiful. The bright turquoise colour of the enamel is the perfect complement to the delicately-placed coral at the centre of the arrangement.

80th Gift Ideas
Jewellery Ideas for 80th Birthday

An 80th birthday is a time for all of us to come together and celebrate the achievements of a great life. The perfect gift for a woman on one of her biggest and most important birthdays is jewellery; something sparkly and beautiful that reminds her of how much she is loved.

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