Jewellery Ideas for 16th Birthday

Jewellery Ideas for 16th Birthday

Whether you remember turning 16 or not, it’s an important birthday that deserves a special gift. You might be thinking: what is the traditional gift for a 16th birthday? There isn’t a specific tradition around what gifts to give for different birthdays, so you don’t need to feel pigeonholed for your child’s 16th. We’re thinking about girls, today, and so we’re talking about the best gift for a sweet 16th birthday.

Of course – it’s jewellery!

Your daughter deserves something beautiful for her first big birthday, and what could be better than that special piece of fine jewellery?

Earrings for a 16th Birthday

If your daughter has pierced ears, earrings are a great gift. One day, it’s likely that she’ll receive a nice pair of earrings from someone she’d like to spend the rest of her life with. Get ahead of the game and give her a pair of earrings that she’ll treasure.

We have studs and dangling earrings, as well as clip-ons for if your daughter doesn’t have any piercings. All gemstones and sizes are accounted for, so you can find something that suits her personality the best.

At the moment, a popular choice for fine jewellery gifting is diamond stud earrings. Whether round or square cut, earrings with that sparkle are going to stand out among her other presents, and their beauty will remind her of how valued she is, as well as how generous and loving her parents are – what could be better?!

Sweet 16 Jewellery
Jewellery Ideas for 16th Birthday
Gifts for 16 Year Olds

16th Birthday Necklaces

Sometimes, necklaces are considered as purely romantic gifts, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Necklaces and pendants are perfect for anyone to give, to their friends, family, and yes to their children as well.

If you want to expand out from a necklace, go for a jewellery set! We have several sets with necklaces and earrings together, including some with bracelets as well. A full jewellery suite is a lot of jewellery, but perhaps it’s the perfect thing for your daughter’s 16th; a way of showing her transition into adulthood.

Cross pendants are always a popular option for both religious and secular people alike. Alternatively, drop pendants with a round-cut gemstone on display are popular. As well as that, collarettes and chokers are hugely popular at the moment too.

Jewellery Ideas for 16th Birthday
Sweet 16 Gifts
16th Birthday Necklaces

Bracelets for a 16 Year Old

What’s more sweet on a sixteenth than a gemstone bracelet? Bracelets and bangles both are pieces of jewellery that a 16-year-old can wear to school and college, university and eventually the workplace. Receiving jewellery as a gift is a great way of spreading out the love that was behind the present. Every time she puts it on, she’ll remember how good it felt to open the box and see the sparkle of the gift.

Your daughter’s style can help you dictate what type of bracelet would be best for her. If she likes the classic styles of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren, go for a tennis bracelet. A single row of diamonds sitting elegantly on the wrist is timeless and beautiful.

Alternatively, if she wants something with more colour and pizazz, you can always check out enamel bangles and other bright-coloured gemstones. You can utilise turquoise, opals, and blue zircon to get a lot of bright colours in your jewellery gift that she’ll love wearing.

Jewellery Suite Birthday Gift
Jewellery Ideas for 16th Birthday
16th Birthday Gifts

Personalised Jewellery for 16th Birthdays

Another great choice for your daughter on her 16th birthday is personalised jewellery. You can opt to buy new and personalised jewellery pieces, combining your choice of stones, shapes, carat weight, and other fine details. Or, you could pay to have an inscription placed on a piece of jewellery of your choice.

Check out this beautiful antique diamond cocktail watch currently in our collection. To the reverse of the clock face, an engraving let’s us know that this watch was at one point a Christmas gift from Mack to Aggie. Details like this – as well as the stunning decorative inscriptions surrounding the message – are what make this piece of jewellery so wonderful to behold. Give that gift to your own daughter by gifting her some jewellery that’s been personalised just for her.

16th Birthday Watch
Gifts for a 16 Year Old
Jewellery for 16th Birthday

Jewellery is a special gift, and every girl deserves to receive a special gift on her 16th birthday from her parents. Every year is an opportunity to give a gift that lasts a lifetime, but your daughter’s 16th birthday is likely the first year she will really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into giving a piece of fine jewellery.

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