If you want to dress up and feel fabulous, a rose gold dress is an excellent choice! Gold dresses look wonderful against a summer backdrop as they conjure ethereal Greek goddess vibes. They are equally well suited to a winter get-together, looking fabulous next to all things sparkly and festive. The one major problem when it comes to wearing a gold dress is the accessorising stage – it’s not an easy look to pair. It all comes down to a dilemma of metallics – a gold dress will clash with silver jewellery, and it would be overdoing it to match your dress with too much yellow gold or rose gold. You may think this leaves you with little choice, but don’t despair! There is still a wealth of gemstone jewellery to choose from, with subtle metallic settings which won’t clash with your gold dress.

Read on to discover some fabulous earrings to match a rose gold dress.

Earrings to Match a Dress

Sparkling diamonds

For a glamorous party, no amount of sparkle is too much sparkle!

A rose gold dress would be perfectly paired with a set of diamond earrings.

There’s no need to opt for something too extravagant; diamond stud earrings are your best option.

The diamond studs will catch the light and sparkle impressively, but they won’t be ‘too much’ and the attention will still be on your fabulous gold dress.

This look would be especially appropriate for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. What better way to celebrate a new year than with a gloriously decadent look?

Dark blue accents

Dark blue jewellery goes hand in hand with gold clothing. Royal and navy blue both contrast gold wonderfully, and add a darker tone to the overall aesthetic, resulting in a classy and elegant look.

Depending on the neckline of your dress, a sapphire necklace could look wonderful, but if you’re wanting to keep the look a little more refined, stick to sapphire earrings, or even sapphire and diamond earrings are you want to add a bit more sparkle for a special occasion.


Earrings to Match a Rose Gold Dress

Pretty in pink

Pink earrings make an exceptional pairing with a gold dress, especially a rose gold-toned dress.

While standing out against the gold, and offering a new dimension of colour, pink earrings will also marry well with the tones in your dress and complement the colourings rather than clash.

Light pink coral, pink sapphire, and deep pink spinel are all great options for pink earrings to go with your gold dress.

Don’t worry about the clash if these earrings happen to be set in silver or a different shade of gold, the colourful gemstone will detract from the setting, and in the case of stud earrings, the setting will hardly be noticeable.

Statement black jewellery

Our final recommendation of earrings designs to pair with a gold dress is to opt for a pair of bold black earrings, such as these impressive pair of black pearl and 0.08 carat diamond, 14 carat white gold earrings by Yana Nesper.

Black jewellery is unusual and striking and would pair wonderfully with a gold dress.

If you have a special occasion you’re planning for, such as a sophisticated dinner or extravagant party, this combination would be a fabulous choice.

Finish the look with a pair of simple black heels and a black clutch bag.

Earrings to Match a Rose Gold Dress

Hopefully, you now feel inspired about how best to pair a set of earrings with your favourite gold dress. If you’d like to view some more options, discover our complete range of antique and vintage earrings online at AC Silver today, as well as our entire antique jewellery collection.

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