What Colour Gold Suits My Skin Tone?

What Colour Gold Suits My Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing a new piece of jewellery- or any accessory- colour is usually what draws us in. We all have preferences, and from rose gold to platinum there’s a whole host of hues to pick from. However, whilst there is a rainbow of options, not all of them may suit you. Trends aren’t always universally flattering, which can sometimes make jewellery shopping quite the struggle. Like all accessories, jewellery can be used to enhance your natural beauty. When worn fittingly, it can illuminate your skin, highlight your hair and bring out the colour of your eyes. Sounds magic! But how do you know which metal to choose to achieve this effect? Read on to find out which colour gold suits your skin tone.

What Colour Gold Suits My Undertone?


We’ve all been there. You stumble across what seems to be the perfect piece of jewellery- let’s say a yellow gold and sapphire pendant. You lust after it, you dream of it, you have to have it! However when the time comes and the piece is finally yours to cherish, something’s just not quite right. The once splendid piece looks dull against your skin, and indeed it just doesn’t seem to suit you at all. If you’ve experienced the tragedy of this then know that there’s one thing to blame: your undertones.

Undertones are the colours beneath the skins surface, and much of whether or not a piece suits you can be attributed to them. Undertones fall into three categories:

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Neutral

Different undertones suit different colours of metal, so understanding your own is key to finding the right jewellery to complement your look. To identify your undertones, take a look at your veins. If they appear to be blue/ purple, then you have cool undertones. Greenish veins mean warm undertones, whilst seemingly colourless veins suggest you have neutral undertones. After you have established which category your undertones fall into, it’s time for the fun bit- working out which jewellery suits you.

Gold for Warm Undertones

Matching Undertones to Gold


If you are blessed with the complexion of an English rose, then you’re in luck. There are many ways to utilise jewellery to flatter cool undertones. However, our main tip is to work with your natural skin tone, rather than against it. This means embracing the pale with light coloured metals such as white gold, platinum and silver. Whilst you may think they wash you out, they in fact do the opposite by bringing freshness to your look. These metals are particularly striking when paired with a pop of colour, often in the form of a gemstone. Brighter is better; colours such as green, red and purple look fabulous set against light metals and pale skin. They bring a liveliness to your look that allows both you and your jewellery to look radiant. We love the vividness of this antique Columbian emerald and platinum ring. It would work wonderfully on anyone with cool undertones who wanted to highlight their red hair or hazel eyes.

emerald diamond ring


If you’ve always had an affinity for yellow gold, then it’s likely you have warm undertones. The earthy undertones in your skin mean that yellow gold simply glows on you, as it is the warmest of the metals itself. Rose gold and copper jewellery also look amazing on this skin tone, as they really enhance the warmth of its natural colour. If a plain band isn’t to your taste, then there are many gemstones that look radiant with this look. Natural hued gemstones such as citrine, yellow diamonds and turquoise play incredibly against the earthy nature of this skin tone. This vintage French ‘turtle’ brooch is a stunning example of a piece suited to warm undertones. The citrine and yellow gold would work in perfect harmony to complement the warmth of this skin tone, and the rubies add another winning pop of colour!

Yellow Gold Turtle Brooch


If you have neutral undertones then we’re very jealous- you’ll look incredible in just about anything! Both white gold and yellow metals will pop against your skin, meaning the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing jewellery that complements your undertones. With neutral undertones, you can be bold with your jewellery choices. Mixing metals isn’t something to avoid; look at this stunning ring for inspiration. The rose and white gold work in perfect tandem to illuminate the skin. Even better, using all three metals means you don’t have to spend time choosing which one you feel like wearing.

Multi-Gold Jewellery

However, whilst it’s useful to have a guide to refer to, this is not the definitive metal rulebook! The most important thing to remember when choosing jewellery is that it should be fun. You should never be afraid of trying new metals and jewellery styles. Even if something isn’t necessarily ‘suited’ to your skin tone, this doesn’t matter if you love it. Regardless of metal, if you like something and it makes you feel confident, wear it!

The author’s views are entirely their own and may not always reflect the views of AC Silver.

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