How to Clean White Gold Jewellery

How to Clean White Gold Jewellery

White gold jewellery is often favoured for its sleek and clean look. Like many others you may want to opt for this stunning precious metal, but remember; it is of great importance to know how best to care for your white gold jewellery

White gold is a relatively soft metal so you will have to take a little extra care on a day to day basis in order to avoid scratching or even just dirtying it. This jewellery is normally coated in a thin layer of rhodium (a precious metal in the platinum family) to prevent any yellowing to the white gold and help the piece maintain a shiny, clean look.

Day to Day Maintenance:

We would advise you to wipe down your white gold jewellery with a soft polishing cloth daily. Even if you haven’t got it particularly dirty, this regular upkeep will help maintain the golds clean look in the long run. It is important that the cloth you choose is soft and you are gentle with the piece; being a soft metal, white gold is more susceptible to scratching

than its harder counterparts. If you do notice a scratch on your white gold jewellery, we recommend you take it straight to a jeweller (who will be able to either polish it smooth or re-plate it). Even a small scratch can make white gold jewellery vulnerable to further damage.

In fact, even if not damaged, it is good practice to have your white gold jewellery re-plated on a regular basis. This is a complimentary service which we offer our customers here at AC Silver.

To further protect your gold from damage, try not to wear too much perfume or many creams- both of these substances can be damaging. Chlorine can also harm white gold so be sure to remove your jewellery before jumping in the swimming pool! To be extra cautious, also remove it before washing your hands under tap water as this sometimes contains traces of chlorine too.

As careful as you can be however, even the PH of your skin can, over time, slightly damage or discolour white gold giving it a faded yellowy tint- another reason why regular re-plating is recommended.

How to Clean:

When it comes to cleaning, keep it simple and gentle. As well as the regular maintenance with a soft polishing cloth (emphasis again on ‘soft’, don’t be tempted to use abrasive materials such as paper towels as this could wear away the rhodium) clean properly by following these simple instructions:

How to Clean White Gold Jewellery

Fill a small cup or bowl with soapy water (steer clear of soap that contains any chlorine) and let the piece of Jewellery soak in it for 20-30 minutes. Next, take out your Jewellery and use your finger, a soft toothbrush or a cloth to gently rub the piece, removing any excess dirt. Rinse the item and then gently dry with a soft cloth.

This practice is fine to use for any pieces of white gold which feature hard stones such as diamonds (a diamond engagement ring for example) but when it comes to softer stones such as pearls or onyx we strongly recommend you take it to a jeweler to be professionally cleaned.

If you choose to purchase any of our stunning selection of white gold jewellery we will be

here for any questions you might have about the maintenance of the piece. We are also happy to clean or re-plate your white gold jewellery free of charge, so you will never have to worry about discolouring or damage again!

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