Earrings to Match a Navy-Blue Dress

When you’ve bought a brand-new dress, you’ll be eager to throw it straight on and show it off to the world. Before doing so, however, take a second to think about your accessories and how your dress can best be complemented. For example, which of your sets of earrings match a navy-blue dress?

Navy blue is one of the most versatile, and easy-to-wear colours out there, appropriate for a whole range of scenarios from office wear to wedding guest attire. Everyone should own at least one trusty navy-blue dress that can be dressed up or down by your careful use of accessories.

Today, we’re going to discover the best types of earrings to match your navy-blue dress and talk about how the simple choice of what earrings you choose can transform the overall aesthetic of your garment.

Colour matching

When it comes to finding the perfect colour earrings for your navy-blue dress, you’ve got a lot of options. As dark blue is such a neutral colour, the whole vibe of the outfit can be influenced by the colour of earrings you opt for.

While considering the colour of your accessories, be sure to also contemplate the style and setting which would best complement a navy-blue dress. Of course, the ‘correct’ answer varies in different settings and scenarios. Even so, here are some classic choices to inspire your accessorising…

Earthy tones

If you want to add earrings to your look, but you also want to keep your outfit understated (for the workplace for instance), any earthy and tonal accessories will go down a treat.

Yellow gold earrings are a good option for this look, especially if the gold isn’t too bright in tone.

Accessories that recreate nature of have wooden accents will also work well.

Navy Dress Jewellery

Earrings to Match a Navy Dress

Tangy coral

For a brighter look that will seamlessly bring your blue dress into the summer months, choose a tangy, contrasting colour such as burnt orange or coral.

This contrast will draw eyes to your statement earrings, and the simplicity of a dark dress will accent them nicely.

For a look that you’ll feel confident in, yet is still simple and sophisticated, this is an excellent combination.

Silver glam

When the sunny days are over, and you’re looking to accessorise your navy-blue dress for a glamourous evening party, switch the bright or earthy studs for some glamourous diamond earrings.

As we’ve mentioned, dark blue dresses are often sleek and simple, so this gives you plenty of room to factor in a bold pair of earrings that will sparkle in the evening light and become the focal point of your outfit.

For this glamourous evening look, pair your blue dress with some diamond earrings set in silver gold. Sleek Art Deco drop earrings would go particularly well.

Earrings to Match a Navy-Blue Dress

Earrings to Match a Navy-Blue Dress

Perfect pearls

Finally, if you’re looking for a more formal and sophisticated aesthetic which would work perfectly for a professional gathering, simple pearl stud earrings will complement your navy-blue dress perfectly.

This is a timeless look which you simply can’t go wrong with. A simply one strand pearl necklace would finish off the look wonderfully.

Anyone can look fabulous in a sleek navy-blue dress, especially when they’ve got a pair of beautiful earrings to match! Take all the styling tips you need, but always remember to incorporate your own unique styles and preferences. After all, there is no ‘wrong’ answer when it comes to expressing yourself through accessories!

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