Grey hair, whether natural or artificial, is always something to be celebrated. If you’re wondering what types of jewellery will best compliment your steely greys, read on as we explore what colour jewellery to wear with grey hair.

The first thing to consider is the tonality of your hair. You could have very pale, slate-grey hair that has a fair shading to it. If this is the case, you want to wear cool colours as much as possible. Warmer greys, darker in colour and often closer to brown/greys than white/greys benefit from some warmer colours when it comes to jewellery. You can also make use of your skin tone to find jewellery that will compliment you best.

Cool-toned Greys

The cool-toned grey colours that are close to white in their base tone will look best with more cool-toned accessories. Think about blues, greys, and purples that will make you look sleek and stylish.

When it comes to jewellery, this means your greys will look excellent alongside sapphires, aquamarines, amethysts, and – of course – diamonds. These gemstones are all on the colder side of the colour spectrum, and so they’ll bring out the cool undertones in your hair. Aquamarines, being the lightest of the gemstones mentioned, will suit light-coloured grey hair the best, while sapphires and amethysts can add some depth to darker grey hair effortlessly.

What Colour Jewellery to Wear with Grey Hair

Use the length of your hair as a guideline for which pieces of jewellery will be best for you. Short, grey hair will look stunning with some gemstone earrings, allowing the colours to directly contrast with one another. Longer hair, however, might be better suited to necklaces and pendants, the gemstones sitting alongside the lengths of your hair will create a beautiful contrast.

Sapphire Cluster Ring

Warm-toned Greys

When I say warm-toned greys, these are grey hair colours that are closer to browns and blacks at their base. If your hair has naturally turned grey and your original hair colour was a warm colour, your grey hair is likely to also be a warm-toned grey.

You might have guessed where this is going, but your warm-grey hair will look best with warm-coloured gemstones and metals. Yellow gold, rose gold, and gemstones like rubies, garnets, and citrines will be a perfect match for you. This applies doubly if your skin tone is warm. You’ll know if you have a warm or cool skin tone based on the colour your veins appear at your wrists. If they appear greenish, it’s an indicator of a warm undertone, while blues and purples suggest cool tones.

Wearing warm-toned gemstones like rubies – ideally set with yellow gold – will highlight the warmth in your hair. This is a great method for wearing jewellery as your hair transitions between its natural colour and grey. Some people resist the change from their natural colour to grey, but if you choose to embrace the grey roots and streaks as they come, you might find that you look truly unique and stunning – especially with some stunning jewellery being used to highlight the warmth that lies beneath.

Gemstones for Grey Hair

What Earrings Go with Short Grey Hair?

When you’re choosing to sport short hair, there is no greater time to show off some of the bigger dangling earrings in your jewellery box. It doesn’t matter if the plan for the day is a raucous party or just a relaxing afternoon at home – short hair is a statement in and of itself, and it deserves jewellery that can rise to the challenge.

Don’t feel like it’s all or nothing, however, as studs are equally beautiful and also need their time in the spotlight. Stud earrings are especially nice with grey hair if you have multiple piercings. A double set of studs in complimentary colours can take you a long way in terms of presenting a relaxed yet chic aesthetic.

Even if you have ear piercings that are in less conventional spots, such as helix piercings or tragus piercings, what’s most important to remember is that short hair cries out for earrings. There is no type of earring that doesn’t compliment a beautiful, short hairstyle – so make sure you don’t let it stop you!

Image courtesy of Marcus Aurelius on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0

Image courtesy of cottonbro on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0

Can You Wear Gold with Grey Hair?

A lot of people have questions about the colours that will suit their glorious greys. One of these questions is ‘can you wear gold with grey hair’; understandable, as you’re likely to find a lot of colours that used to look one way on you suddenly look another once your hair adopts its silver streaks.

Whether or not grey will suit you in your later years is more dependent on the tone of your skin than of your hair, however. Cool-toned skin is generally better complimented by silvers and white golds, whilst warm-toned skin completely glows when set against gold.

Whatever type of grey hair you get in your life, if you wore gold before, you should feel happy to wear gold afterwards. Even if you do have cool-toned skin, don’t let it stop you from experimenting with gold. Gold jewellery set against grey hair – both white-greys and dark greys – looks striking and powerful; something worthy of your status.

At AC Silver, we embrace all things that have the sweet patina of age on them – naturally – and hair is no different! Grey hair is the not the end of a style career, but rather the beginning of entering advanced style. Utilise your jewellery box to your advantage by finding which pieces best suit you, pair them with a complimentary outfit that features the same colour palette, and watch as heads turn in your direction everywhere you go!

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