It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Except, for this cheese toaster it truly is only the best of times. AC Silver are proud to announce that our very own sterling silver 1820 cheese toaster dish has gone on a unique adventure to London to be a part of the Food Glorious Food: Dinner with Dickens exhibit at the Charles Dickens museum.

Dickens Museum
Dickenzian Silver
Silver Cheese Toasty Maker

Antique Silver

This stunning example of its kind currently takes pride of place alongside recipes from Catherine Dickens’ own cookbook and the Dickens’ personal silverware in the Charles Dickens museum – which in itself is situated in Charles Dickens’ first family home.

Dickens Museum
Grilled Cheese Maker

Silver Grill Cheese

Looking at this page of Catherine’s recipe book, it’s clear to see that the Dickens family were big fans of a toasted cheese. Apparently, Charles was known to love toasted cheese, and the exhibit explores the depths of his relationship with food – both in his writings, in his childhood, and in his adult life, where he was frequently a dinner party host and entertainer. The exhibit has prepared several meals from Catherine’s cookbook to complement the exhibit – and don’t they make us jealous that we never ate at the one of the Dickens’ dinner parties!

Antique Silverware
Antique Snack Maker
Charles Dickesn Silver
Silver from the Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens Museum

Visitors to the museum should expect to be completely immersed in the atmosphere that the Dickens’ dinner guests received whenever they were invited to feast at 48 Doughty Street in London. Charles Dickens’ relationship with food was quintessential to many of his novels due to his poverty-stricken childhood. Using food as a symbol of security and togetherness, Dickens created the surrounding of safety and comfort with plentiful food, and struggles and difficulties where food was sparse within his writing.

If you’re interested in learning more about Charles Dickens’ relationship to food – or if you just want to check in on our silver cheese toaster during its unique journey – the exhibition is running until the 22nd of April, at which point our wonderful item will return to Newcastle and will be available for purchase once more!

* Images of the Charles Dickens exhibition have been generously provided by The Charles Dickens Museum, London.