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1950s Vintage Brooches

One of my favourite types of jewellery is the brooch. There’s something about the versatility of a brooch that gives it a special edge. On the one hand, it’s a highly feminine accessory that often takes the form of bows, flowers, and other things usually associated with femininity, and on the other hand it can be …


How to Decorate in a Country Cottage Style

Cottagecore. That’s what the kids are calling it. What is cottagecore, you ask? The time when humankind lived in cottages out of necessity has passed. The age of selective cottage living has arrived. All the naggly parts of cottage living that has been reluctantly endured for centuries are gone. Nooks and crannies that let the …

Jewellery Occasional Rings

Are Aquamarines Good Engagement Rings?

One regular question we get asked when it comes to aquamarine rings is ‘Are aquamarines good engagement rings?’ A lot of customers are searching for that perfect engagement ring, and while many want a diamond, there are a many looking for something a little different. Are Aquamarines Tough Enough? Aquamarines are technically a sub-type of …

Jewellery Rings

Can Men Wear Eternity Rings?

A symbol of everlasting love, eternity rings have been a popular engagement gift for women since the 1960s. But, can men wear eternity rings? What Does an Eternity Ring Symbolise? It’s the De Beers Group that’s to thank for popularising eternity rings as an anniversary gift, pushing men to remind their wives of the bond …


Why are We so Drawn to Geometric Jewellery?

As human beings, there are a few elements of our lives that seem eternal; practises which transcend time, culture, and tradition. Music is one of these phenomena; there is no culture without music, singing and instruments of some kind. Dancing is another, while body modification and tattoos are yet more. Another consistency across all races …


Popular Pearl Pendant Designs

Signifying class and elegance, pearls have been adored throughout history. These gorgeous gems are considered to be the oldest known gemstone and one of nature’s true miracles. From elegant pearl bracelets to dainty pearl rings, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pearl jewellery into your outfits. Today, however, we’re obsessing over pearl pendants. When you think …