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jewellery for a red dress
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Jewellery to Match a Red Dress

A bold red dress is an undeniable fashion statement. Red is a show-stopping colour, and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd in the very best way – especially when you’ve paired your mesmerising dress with some incredible accessories! Once you’ve settled on your outfit for the night ahead, the next thing to consider …

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The Important Gemstones

…and all you need to know about them If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the rest of the gemstones make extraordinary acquaintances. Our relationship with precious gems seems timeless; humans have always loved to decorate themselves. We have long been drawn in by the sparkle and allure of gemstones and have prized them …

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Synthetic Rubies Vs Natural Rubies

If you have decided to look into purchasing a ruby then you’ve already made an excellent choice. Rubies are among the rarest and most sought after gemstones (and they have a high price tag to match). From eye catching blood red, to bright, popping pink, ruby jewellery is guaranteed to be admired by all and …


Guide To Gemstones

Gemstones have been admired for their beauty since the beginning of civilization, and have always been worshipped in one form or another. This has evolved from the very literal worship which took place in ancient civilizations across the world, to a much more figurative adoration and desire for these stunning natural treasures. There are a multitude …

Jewellery Rings

Burmese Rubies

The ban on importing Burmese gemstones into the USA – namely jade, jadeite and rubies – was implemented in 2003. This was due to the USA’s stance against the corrupt military junta regime and their appalling treatment of civilians; particularly the human rights abuses of those working within and around the gemstone mines. Recently, political …