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How to Style Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings can easily seem like something that should only be a staple in Jessica Fletcher’s wardrobe. Maybe you’re thinking what can I wear with pearl earrings? Or perhaps you’re wondering are pearl earrings in style? If these are thoughts that have crossed your mind recently, we’re about to solve all your problems with this blog. Are Pearl Earrings in …


Popular Pearl Pendant Designs

Signifying class and elegance, pearls have been adored throughout history. These gorgeous gems are considered to be the oldest known gemstone and one of nature’s true miracles. From elegant pearl bracelets to dainty pearl rings, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pearl jewellery into your outfits. Today, however, we’re obsessing over pearl pendants. When you think …

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How to Style Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Vintage wedding jewellery like the increasing trend of vintage emerald engagement rings is beautiful and historical all at once. Connecting to the past is so important, especially for ceremonies like weddings, that continue to evolve from the same, ancient roots. If you’re interested in learning how to style vintage wedding jewellery, stick around – we’ve …

Why Christmas is the Best Holiday for Jewellery Lovers
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Jewellery for Christmas Day

Jewellery for Christmas Day   Jewellery for Christmas Day is always a good idea, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. If you’re wondering about what to get this year, here’s a selection of our finest items that are just waiting to sit under your tree this December.   1. Chokers   Necklaces are always …


Famous Fictional Jewellery

I am a big fan of fiction. The fictional worlds we can visit through film, books, even video games, are absolutely magical. The attention to detail in fiction is breath-taking, and today I’d like to focus on some of the most famous fictional jewellery. The Heart of the Ocean Perhaps the most famous piece of …

2019 bridal jewellery
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Must-have Bridal Jewellery 2019

When you think of weddings, what springs to mind? Personally, the dress factors heavily; the sort of style, cut, design, everything. It’s definitely something many people think about. Having said that, what about the jewellery that you wear? Jewellery is often something that is overlooked, and this shouldn’t be the case. In everyday, normal life, …


Pearl Gifts for Her

Pearls are a universal symbol of sophistication and class. They have captivated the world for centuries with their timeless elegance, and feature in some of the most stunning jewellery we have in our collections. Pearls form within the shells of molluscs, a process which takes many years. We’re sure you’ll agree, however, that pearls are …