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Combining Pearls and Yellow Gold – The Top Jewellery Trends for Winter 2020

Trends are important, and you can use antique and vintage jewellery to keep up with even the newest of trends. For the winter time of 2020, the biggest jewellery trend you’re likely to see is pearls and yellow gold. Pearls are beautiful stones to use in all varieties of jewellery, and so we think it’s only fitting that we show off some of our diverse selection of pearl and yellow gold jewellery.

Here we go!


A pearl bracelet is at once a classic and a modern masterpiece. If you’re looking to feel feminine, you really shouldn’t look further than pearl jewellery. A line of pearls around the wrist – perhaps worn with a watch to complement it – is one of the easiest ways to look sophisticated and timeless.

This antique pearl and diamond bracelet may lean more towards the diamonds than the pearls, but that doesn’t stop it from being stunning. A natural saltwater pearl approximately 7.6mm across sits centre stage on this beautiful piece. Accented by a staggering 61 individually set diamonds, what more could you want from something so grand?

Pair this with: An equally slim-line cocktail watch for something elegant and stylish.

Combining Pearls and Yellow Gold

SKU: C3363


Easily my favourite type of jewellery, rings are the epitome of glamour and style. Whether it’s something small that can be worn every day, subtly elevating your overall look, or a corker of a cocktail ring that steals the show, rings really are for every occasion. Our selection of pearl rings is the perfect example their versatility.

A natural saltwater pearl sits in a twist with a feature Old European cut diamond. The setting surrounding them is a twist of 14 pavé set diamonds all firmly set in platinum. This ring embodies the style of pearls and yellow gold coming together to create something so hot and stunning it’s sure to keep you warm this winter.

Pair this with: A string of pearls on the neck will complement this ring perfectly.

SKU: C4171


There’s the classic string of pearls, and then there’s pearl pendants. Something about having the pearls of a necklace getting involved in the pendant itself is so beautiful. Although pearls fell out of vogue in the last couple of decades, their longevity knows no bounds, and they are now right back at the peak of fashion – where we think they belong.

This Victorian delight is every bit as timeless and modern-feeling as anything you could find at Tiffany & Co. The heart-shaped pendant is one of the most popular pearl pendant designs, being delightfully playful, with the pearls acting as an anchor that ensures it remains refined and elegant. The 15-carat yellow gold fine link chain is accented with seed pearls along its length, keeping the playful motif of this 130-year-old gem.

Pair this with: Anything from a classic little black dress to casual looks will suit this perfectly.

SKU: C3336


Pearl earrings are quite possibly the most definitive piece of jewellery that exists. From classic paintings like Johannes Vermeer’s 1660s iconic portrait, to being jewellery worthy of royals around the world; owning a pair of pearl earrings is a right of passage for anyone looking to look and feel like they own the world. There’s something about pearls that remind us of the most iconic earrings worn by the royals.

This pair of vintage mabe pearl clip-ons has the exact vintage look that’s on the cutting edge of fashion today. The almost folded-looking layers of yellow gold and diamond-covered white gold give these pearls a floral aesthetic, like two gorgeous flowers opening up to the world. These sizeable earrings have a lustre that’s ready to face the winter weather with glee.

Pair these with: These earrings are asking for an elegant winter coat and leather gloves.

SKU: C2239


Brooches are another aspect of jewellery that saw a decline in popularity around the turn of the century, but they’re back on top. As well as the classic usage of accessorising the lapel of a jacket, or coat, brooches are also being used by the fashionable of today to sit right at the central fastening of a shirt. Almost taking the place of a bowtie, brooches worn in this fashion are fashion-forward statements.

This brooch has a truly elegant feature Mississippi river pearl, making it an excellent statement piece. The yellow gold is used effectively here, creating the suggestion of a feather. Wearing a brooch like this is sure to catch eyes, and it’s perfect for a range of occasions and styles. This brooch is large and in charge, ideal for someone with a June birthday – where pearls are their birthstone.

Pair this with: Either a smart jacket or at the collar of a nice shirt, let it take centre stage.

SKU: C5581

Although all of our pearl jewellery is stunning and wonderful, the pearls that are complemented with yellow gold will be the focus of the catwalks this year. Get yourself in feeling fashionable and embrace the warm colours and lustre of jewellery that will keep you going well into 2021.

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