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silver for tea drinking

Silver For Tea Drinking

We British are known for being big fans of a good cup of English tea and here at AC Silver we know that silver enriches the taste of food and drink. Originally tea was reserved only for the upper classes in society due to its expense when imported into Europe from China in the late …


Types of Silver Teapots

Who Invented the Teapot According to legend the first ever cup of tea was enjoyed by Emperor Shennung in 2737 BC, China. He was visiting part of his realm; he stopped for a break whist travelling, as his servants were boiling water for the court to drink. As they did this leaves from a nearby …


A Simple Yet Effective Queen

The English monarch Queen Anne succeeded William III in 1702 and with it brought a more restrained attitude to politics as well as an alternative influence to design and style. During her reign architectural forms developed a relationship between plain surfaces and how they are set against each other; using deflection and reflection to angle …

teapot anatomy

The Anatomy of a Teapot

Drinking Tea – the English tradition we all love, aka ‘a cuppa’, ‘a brew’, ‘a mash’. For many AC Silver customers, a lot of thought goes into making tea and specifically tea presentation, and they like to serve their tea in a certain way and style. Perhaps you’re intending on investing in your first piece …