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What is a Quaich?

A quaich – pronounced ‘quake’ – is a traditional Scottish drinking cup, common in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a distinctive kind of shallow, two-handled drinking bowl or cup. The quaich is said to have originated from the Scottish Highlands, where clan chiefs prized them as a token of hospitality. For centuries, they …


What is a Compote Dish?

Often a compote dish might be described as a tazza or as a comport dish. Therefore, in order to understand what a compote dish is, it might be useful to explain the (slight) difference between a tazza, a comport dish and a compote dish. A tazza is a shallow, wide dish which sits on top …

butter dish

What is a Butter Dish?

A butter dish is a small dish, sometimes covered, used on the dining table to hold a pat or individual scrolls of butter. It has been used as a way of keeping butter since the 19th century. The butter dish comes in different forms, some keeping the butter suspended over ice chips, others have a …


Armada Dish History

Armada Dish History The term ‘armada’ derives from the Portuguese and Spanish terms for naval fleets. There is supposedly a legend as to how the naval term was first applied to these silver dishes. The ‘original’ armada dishes were seized from Spanish/Portuguese treasure ships throughout the Spanish Armada War in 1588. Sir Walter Raleigh plays …