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Frog Jewellery Meaning

The meaning of frog jewellery has many dimensions to it. The frog is a Native American symbol of wealth and abundance. When a frog’s image is shown touching other creatures with its tongue, this symbolises the sharing of knowledge and power between beings. Frog imagery can supposedly also keep you from losing your valuables. Frogs …

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If Animals Could Speak – Part 4

What if animals could speak? We’ve been here before, checking out the innermost thoughts and feelings of our animal friends; it’s that time again, we need to show some love to our beautiful jewellery pieces and let them express themselves. Let’s have a look at these beautiful new additions to the family. Cartier Lovebirds Huddled …

Feather fashion 2019

Feather Fashion for 2019

Feather Fashion 2019 Jewellery trends in 2019 have been varied and vibrant. From asymmetric jewels to bold gold chains, this year, braver has been better. But with all of these fabulous styles out there, you may be wondering how to stand out from the crowd. The answer? Wear something feathered! Yes, a ‘plume bloom’ is …

owl jewellery meaning

Owl Jewellery Meaning

As humans, we have always been fascinated with the creatures we share our world with. Animals have continuously inspired the work of creatives, particularly jewellers and artisans. Birds have proved to be an enduringly popular subject of these works- especially owls. From brooches to buckles, there is not an item of jewellery that has not …

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If Animals Could Speak – Part 3

Twice before we’ve made this journey into the minds of our animal items, and the time has once again come to explore the complex thoughts of these unique little gems. Today, we’re going to show some appreciation for the sterling silver side of animal life at AC Silver. This forlorn little fellow is feeling a …

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Welcome to the AC Silver House of Horrors

A Haunting Tale …The AC Silver House of Horrors… …Something has been causing trouble. All around, you can’t miss it; there’s something spooky in the air. Something has been sneaking around our stock, wreaking havoc and running amok. It sends a shiver, makes you chill, raises everybody’s hair. The animals used to be so calm, …

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The AC Silver Animal Shelter

According to statistics within Britain, most people do not feel adulthood begins until the age of 29; with more ‘young adults’ staying at home with their parents, wanting to travel the world and being unenthusiastic in their career planning. I personally like to keep up to date with statistics and as I am now 30 …