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Earrings for Short Hair Styles

New you, new hairstyle? If you’ve gone for the hairstyle chop or just thinking about it you might be wondering what earrings will suit you best. For those who appreciate the allure of antique and traditional jewellery, finding the perfect pair to complement short hair can be a journey back in time. In this blog post, we’ll help you discover the best earrings to suit short hair.

Can You Wear Drop Earrings With Short Hair?

Let’s debunk some myths first – of course you can! Back in the day it was thought of as an unwritten rule that shouldn’t wear drop earrings unless you had long hair but times have long since changed. Nowadays we are able to embrace a multitude of styles – read on to find out about which short haircut suits drop earrings!

Do Hoop Earrings Look Good With Short Hair?

We must say – it depends on the hoop! Sometimes bigger is not always better! The beauty of having short hair is that there will always be more attention on your earrings but different haircuts call for different styles. We recommend bigger hoop earrings for edgier bobs, with angular bangs or lots of texture but if you’re styling a sleeker bob you might want to stick to a smaller hoop or huggie which will hug the ear.

gold hoop earrings on short hair

What Type of Earrings Are Best for Short Hair?

The moment you ‘ve been waiting for – what type of earrings are best for short hair? Find out our recommendations below:

Classic Bob

If you’re going for a classic sleek bob, this look might call for a more traditional look. Look for earrings with subtle drops featuring gemstones like pearls or sapphires. We love these antique chalcedony drop earrings – the slight drop adds a touch of grace to the clean cut of a bob and is something a little different to the traditional look of a stud earring.

Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetrical short hairstyles give you the perfect opportunity to go for bold and statement-making earrings. Choose substantial earrings with asymmetrical designs, oversized shapes, or unique textures. This pairing not only embraces the asymmetry of your haircut but also adds an element of artistic flair to your overall look. Vintage clip-on earrings will be your best bet for a piece like this – they are much more comfortable to wear when the earring is so large!

Edgy Bob

If you’ve been watching the traitors with Claudia Winkleman, you’ll know her iconic edgy bob! To infuse your short haircut with a bold and captivating touch, consider statement hoops. Opt for larger hoops with intricate textures or distinctive designs, capturing the essence of Claudia’s fearless fashion. Hoops are a perfect choice whether you’re going for an edgy bob with bangs or a tousled textured look. These vintage Italian hoop earrings are substantial enough to peak out of your bob and are embellished with a stunning swirl decoration. On the other hand, these 1950s white gold hoops are adorned with fantastic diamonds and bound to catch the eyes of others!

Pixie Cuts

A pixie cut speaks volumes with its daring charm so pair with delicate earrings to enhance the softer side of this short hairstyle. Choose studs or delicate earrings with subtle features to complement the playful essence of a pixie cut. The key is to let the delicate earrings add a touch of femininity without overpowering the bold statement of your pixie hairstyle. Something delicate like these pearl floral design drop earrings might be the perfect choice but you can never go wrong with a pair of classic diamond studs. If you have a few piercings, you might even be able to do both!

Shorter Styles

For those with even shorter pixie cuts, undercuts or buzzcuts, long and slender earrings can effortlessly create a sense of sophistication. Choose long drop earrings that elongate your neck and frame your face. Think about Art Deco earrings with linear designs and long drops that can add to your striking look. We love these 1920s jade, onyx and pearl drop earrings for a hairstyle like this – they are beautifully crafted and the jade is a striking shade of green that would suit a range of hair colours.

If you feel prepped with new found knowledge and ready to take the plunge explore our selection of antique and vintage earrings to find your perfect fit!

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