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Caring for Your Diamond Brooches

Bought a diamond brooch? Generously gifted one? Or just getting your research done before adding to your wish list? If you’re wondering, how do I look after a diamond brooch we have you covered. Let’s talk through it:

Diamond Brooch Maintenance

The good news is diamonds are one of the strongest gemstones out there and incredibly durable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need looking after. Don’t go wild though because they’re not indestructible! Like anything precious and valuable, diamonds require an element of special attention to keep them sparkling forever.

Cleaning a Diamond Brooch

There are many old wives tales on how to clean diamonds but we personally recommend keeping it simple. Soap diluted with water will do just the job, paired with a soft bristled toothbrush. (We don’t condone stealing toothbrushes from your kids but we have to say younger children’s tooth brushes are the best for getting into the crevices of diamond settings).

Cleaning a Diamond Brooch

It’s important to focus on the back of the brooch; this is the part that will be in main contact with any clothes or skin that will inevitably gather fibres or debris. Soak the brooch in soapy water to loosen any particles before giving it a little once over with the soft bristles of a tooth brush.

After pat dry and if you have a jewellery cloth give it a once over, being careful not to catch any fibres on the claws or settings of the diamonds. You can always remove with these by blowing on the brooch or taking a pair of tweezers to it if you have a good eye! This the same method we use for cleaning a diamond ring!

Storing Your Diamond Brooch

It is best practice to keep your diamonds in a safe place. Ideally, keep your diamond in a protected environment like the box it came in or an alternate jewellery box. Diamonds are an investment, especially if you look after them, so don’t take any chances when it comes to storage and protection.

Securing Your Brooch

Had that stomach dropping moment when you’ve realised a piece of jewellery isn’t on you anymore? Avoid this happening to your brooch by adding a safety clip and chain for added security. Similar to a necklace, a safety chain is often attached to the brooch in tandem to a safety pin. This will act as a safety blanket if your brooch was to every become unhinged and save any tears over loosing such a precious item.

You might find some larger brooches are double-pronged to the reverse, with two pins instead of one. In general, the dual pin will help distribute the weight of the pin more evenly but also help prevent it from falling off!

Hopefully this guide to diamond brooch maintenance has helped keep your brooch sparkling clean and bright! Browse our range of diamond brooches at AC Silver or explore our blog for more helpful tips!

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