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Bridal Brilliance: Diamond Brooches for Adding Glamour to Wedding Attire

Bridal Brilliance

Looking for those finishing touches to make your big day sparkle a little bit more? Consider adding a diamond brooch to your bridal jewellery selection for added glamour.

How to Style a Brooch

Antique and vintage brooches are perfect for adding extra sparkle to your wedding in many different ways. Below we’ve suggested a few different styles to give you an idea of how versatile antique and vintage brooches can be!

Bridal Bodice

Wedding belts and sashes make beautiful additions to your wedding look but are not considered versatile. Instead of buying an embellished bridal belt, attach a diamond brooch to the middle of a simple sash and tie elegantly into a bow at the back of your dress. The brooch will add a touch of elegance to the desired belt look and will be able to be reworn on several other occasions in a multitude of ways.

Hair Accessories

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

Some brooches can also be worn as hair accessories. If your forgoing a veil or just want to add some sparkle to your up do, a diamond brooch might just be the finishing touch you’re looking for.

Statement Blazer

Adorn your blazer lapel with an impressive brooch to  add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. The great thing about diamonds is that they go with pretty much everything, so you don’t have to worry about clashing. This is a nice touch for mother of the bride looks or even a glamourous wedding guest.

Scarves and Shawls

Secure scarfs and shawls with brooches as a practical and elegant use of jewellery. This also gives your look a unique twist to stand out against your usual wear. Silks look gorgeous with a variety of gemstone brooches, and can add a touch of colour to your choice of fabric.

Types of Brooches

If you’re now convinced a brooch is exactly what you need after reading about the many different ways a brooch can be styled, it’s time explore some different styles and colours.

Flower Brooches

Of course, we love flowers at a wedding, but why not have an everlasting bunch with a diamond encrusted floral bouquet? Flower brooches are popular choices for weddings and can be matched to the wedding theme or colour scheme of the big day and a charming alternative to fresh flowers.

Something Old and Something Blue

If you’re on the hunt for your ‘something old’ or even your ‘something blue’, check off your list in one go with these stunning gemstone brooches. Sapphire and aquamarine gemstone brooches can make beautiful blue additions to wedding attire.

Tie the Knot

Tie the knot with a delicate diamond bow brooch. As seen on several members of the British royal family, brooch bows are true elegant classics, passed down through generations.  In 1901 Queen Victoria designed three bow brooches as heirlooms of the crown, passed down through generations. It is said that the diamond brooches were a favourite of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who would wear one a time on the lapel of her jacket

Of course, these are just a few examples we feel will work particularly well on brides or as part of a wedding look. There are many shapes and different styles of brooches available. At AC silver we are honoured to have such a wide range of styles.

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