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Earrings to Match Your Engagement Ring

If you’re preparing to publicly announce your engagement and show your engagement ring for the first time, it can be easy to let the rest of your jewellery fall away and be forgotten. But, if you really want to make an impression and present a fully thought-out, cohesive look, you’ll wear earrings to match your engagement ring.

First things first, we’ll cover some basics of what not to wear with your engagement ring. These aren’t rules to live by, so don’t worry that half of your jewellery box is suddenly going to be off limits. Think of them more as polite suggestions for very special occasions where you want your engagement ring to be the focal point of your outfit.

What Not to Wear with Your Engagement Ring

Although it could be said that the earrings you wear with your engagement ring don’t matter, it’s important to remember that the finer details are what will make up the complete presentation of both yourself and your engagement ring. The details are essential to get right to create a stunning overall effect.

The key is to match, not to compete. You don’t want earrings that are too large or bombastic taking over the occasion. You need something in a small to medium size that will complement your engagement ring, rather than overshadow it. Styles like chandelier earrings, large hoops, and oversized gemstone earrings are out of the picture for this occasion.

Now, let’s have a look at some ‘do’ options.

Studs Earrings

A diamond stud is a classic piece of jewellery, truly something that everyone should have in their jewellery box. Not only are things like antique diamond earrings the perfect complement due to their gemstone, but they also have excellent versatility that extends beyond showing off your engagement ring. A diamond stud is every bit as suitable to a job interview as a lazy Sunday at home, so you know you’re in good hands.

You also have a lot of options in terms of shape. Getting antique or vintage stud earrings where the stones have the same cut as your engagement ring is a nice way of keeping some uniformity between your jewellery. Furthermore, diamonds are a classic stone that will go alongside any colour effortlessly. If you have a gemstone engagement ring, therefore, your diamond studs will still allow the engagement ring to take centre stage whilst adding much-needed sparkle to your ensemble.

Earrings to Match Your Engagement Ring

Pearls are sometimes linked to The Golden Girls in terms of style – which shouldn’t be a bad thing, those ladies have amazing style. However, for people thinking that pearls are old-fashioned and outdated, this is your sign that it’s time to change that attitude. In fact, pearls are the hottest thing in the jewellery market right now. Pearl earrings possibly more than any other type of pearl jewellery. A set of round pearls on your ears looks timelessly chic. Think Betty Draper, think Jackie O, think Sophia Loren. All timeless classics who pull of pearl earrings effortlessly.

When pairing pearl earrings with your engagement ring, less is more. You want something small enough that they don’t take up the whole of your ears. Pearls are more of an accent than a standout, which makes them an excellent pairing with the stun-factor that your engagement ring is sure to have. There’s also a variety of colours available with pearls, from the classic whites to dusky pinks and even rich black pearls.

Plain Gold

Whether it’s yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, wearing plain metals that match the metal of your engagement ring is a good way of matching up your engagement ring to the rest of your jewellery. Perhaps, if you’re more interested in having understated jewellery accompany your engagement ring, plain gold earrings are the best way to go. They are every bit as suited to everyday wear as they are to more formal or festive occasions. Furthermore, they have a lot of use in them beyond your engagement.

Image courtesy of Rasul Lotfi on Pexels, CC BY CC0 1.0

When choosing plain gold earrings, the design then becomes the most important element. Do you want them to take any particular form? Are there any shapes you want to avoid? How large would you like them to be? Since you’re wearing plain metal, rather than gemstones, you can definitely get away with having slightly bigger earrings than if you chose diamond studs, for example. In any case, you can’t go too far wrong with gold button studs. Plain gold goes particularly well with emerald engagement rings and other gemstone engagement rings.

Plain Gold Earrings for Engagement Rings

So, there you have it, a few suggestions on what sorts you should consider for earrings to match your engagement ring. Which are you favourites?

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