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Gold Engagement Ring Designs for Women

Do you have a gold engagement ring? Around 78% of the world’s gold is made into jewellery each year. It’s a strong, versatile metal that comes in yellow, white, and rose. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best gold engagement rings for women, and answering some common questions about gold.

Our Favourite Gold Engagement Ring Designs for Women

Let’s take a look at the timeless, classic engagement ring styles in a range of gold tones.

1. Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs

The solitaire, featuring a single stone, is the most traditional and understated designs for an engagement ring.

Gold solitaire engagement ring

The variety available even in a simple solitaire engagement ring is stunning. Each of these rings is made with a different gold tone. They also all feature a single diamond as their focal point. The setting style is unique for each ring – it’s simply a matter of finding what makes you say ‘I do’.

2. Gold Trilogy Engagement Ring Designs

Trilogy engagement rings feature three diamonds, usually in a horizontal setting.

These trilogy rings demonstrate the different settings available for trilogy rings. The rose gold trilogy, for example, shows a vertical trilogy setting. The cut of the diamond also shows how easy it is to achieve a completely different aesthetic with your engagement ring.

3. Gold Twist Engagement Ring Designs

The twist ring typically uses two diamonds in a setting that appears to twist the stones around.

The twist ring is an effortlessly elegant style that’s perfect for an engagement ring. Our white gold example features a diamond and a pearl. Using two different gemstones is a popular way to customise your twist ring to your personal tastes. Pairing a diamond with your birthstone is a popular way to personalise the twist design.

4. Gold Cluster Engagement Ring Designs

The cluster style typically uses a large, central stone with a series of smaller stones around it. Sometimes, this specific design is called a halo ring.

Cluster engagement rings are usually a square shape like our rose gold and yellow gold examples. Sometimes, however, they come in a very rounded form like the white gold cluster engagement ring. These engagement ring designs are large and in charge, making them perfect for a statement piece.

5. Gold Eternity Engagement Ring Designs

Eternity ring designs feature gemstones around the entire band of the ring. They started as a classic anniversary gift, but they have recently become popular engagement ring designs.

Anyone with minimalist sensibilities understands why eternity engagement rings are so popular. Their simplistic design is versatile and very secure. Eternity rings are ideal for people with active lives who don’t want their engagement ring to get in the way. Even in a style as understated as this, the designs are varied and unique.

Is Gold Okay for Engagement Rings?

Gold is a great choice for an engagement ring metal. It offers luxury and diversity that makes it easy to find the right engagement ring. There is a timeless elegance to gold; yellow, white, and rose each have their unique beauty and charm.

If you’re buying an engagement ring for your partner, gold is a safe bet. It has a variety that makes it more affordable than options like platinum or palladium.

What Carat Is Best for Gold Engagement Rings?

Most people think that the higher the carat of gold, the better the jewellery. This is only partially true, however. The higher the carat, the more malleable the item. For rings, this means the gold can easily be scratched or bent out of shape, making it easy to lose gemstones.

When thinking about your engagement ring, consider your lifestyle first. When do you want to wear your engagement ring? How active is your life? If you only want to wear your ring for special occasions, don’t shy away from a higher carat. If, however, you want an engagement ring you can wear all the time, a hardy, lower carat is best.

No matter what type of engagement ring you want, you’ll find many stunning options among our gold engagement ring designs for women.

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