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The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an over-the-top celebrity engagement ring, but wedding rings are often woefully overlooked. Today, we’re taking the time to cover some of the most expensive wedding rings.

The Most Expensive Wedding Rings

The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

It’s usually the engagement ring that gets shown off left right and centre, while the wedding ring is more subtle and understated. Although it makes sense that the engagement ring – usually featuring large, sparkling diamonds – stands out more than the typical plain band of a wedding ring, we don’t find it too fair.

In many ways, the engagement ring vs wedding ring debate is an apt metaphor for the relationship itself. The engagement ring might be sparkly and eye-catching, much like the earlier stages of a relationship, but the wedding ring represents the enduring love that lurks beneath. That’s why we’re taking the time to celebrate wedding bands of all kinds; they embody the bedrock of a marriage.

 Although there are variants to the plain gold band, including different textured finishes and shapes, it takes gemstones to hike up the price. Eternity rings of all kinds produce the most expensive wedding rings. The higher the carat weight for the included diamonds, the more expensive the wedding ring.

Using an eternity ring as a wedding ring is something of a modern idea. Eternity rings have been used as engagement rings as early as the 1950s, when Joe DiMaggio presented one to Marilyn Monroe on their engagement. Since the turn of the 21st century, however, it’s become increasingly popular to use these diamond-studded pieces in addition to engagement rings.

If an eternity ring appeals to you, but you’re already married, then there’s good news for you. The original purpose of an eternity ring was as a wedding anniversary gift. The ring style was a great way for jewellers to make use of several smaller-carat diamonds in a single piece. The tag line famously used to advertise eternity rings at jeweller, De Beers, read ‘she married you for richer or poorer, let her know how it’s going.’

Today, people receiving eternity rings are faced with the decision to wear it as a replacement for their wedding band, or in addition to it. The eternity ring or wedding ring choice is different for everyone, but if you want a more expensive wedding ring, the eternity is the choice for you.

There are a lot of different types of eternity ring, with full eternities and half eternities being the most popular. This is where you’re faced with a different decision, full eternity rings or half eternity rings? Once again, the right answer is subjective. While full eternity rings are more expensive, featuring diamonds around the entirety of the shank, half eternity rings are more adjustable due to diamonds covering only half of the ring.

If you’re looking to find the most expensive wedding ring you can find, combine the style of the eternity ring with a well-known luxury name. Brands like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Boucheron, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, or the aforementioned De Beers all fetch high prices. These luxury jewellers are known for their quality and prestige, and so a diamond-encrusted wedding band from any of these retailers will be among the most expensive wedding rings available.

Expensive Bridal Rings

Although engagement rings aren’t the focus today, they’re still worth thinking about when we discuss expensive bridal jewellery. Of course, the typical diamond solitaire engagement ring is an enduringly popular choice. If you’re looking to stack a hefty price tag, however, you might want to opt for a different type of diamond ring. Cluster and dress rings incorporating of diamonds or other high-value gemstones can create a truly jaw-dropping bridal set.

The white-on-white aesthetic of diamonds on white metals – preferably platinum – is the best way to ensure the biggest price tag possible. Once more, the luxury brands of the jewellery world are known for making bombastic examples of their kind. Creating our own example of the most expensive bridal set from AC Silver’s own collections, we’re left with these beauties.

This stunning 5.33ct emerald cut diamond and platinum solitaire ring has a commanding presence. As an engagement ring, this piece guarantees dazzling sparkle and a bold, white colouring. Our vintage French full eternity wedding band features fifteen diamonds, totalling 4.10cts. The combination of these two rings takes up a lot of space on the finger, letting everyone within a mile radius know that you are indeed taken.

Whether it’s within our budgets or not, there is something inescapably enjoyable about exploring the most expensive options for jewellery pieces. What type of wedding ring would you choose?

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