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Art Deco Jewellery for Your Wedding

Whether your wedding is a themed event or not, Art Deco jewellery is always a great choice for your accessories. It is timeless, with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour that will compliment any dress, any style, and any time of year. Join us as we explore some stunning options for gorgeously geometric Art Deco jewellery for your wedding; it could be just the touch you need.

Art Deco jewellery has a reputation for being luxurious. Instantly recognisable thanks to its classic geometric stone cuts and interesting shapes, it can be colourful and bombastic as well as understated and simple. For a modern feel, you could opt for a stand-out piece such as a diamond cocktail watch or a beautifully large and colourful pendant. Pearl jewellery is a prominent feature in the Art Deco era as well, perfectly complementing the classic bridal look.

Art Deco Wedding Earrings

No wedding outfit is complete without a great pair of earrings. They are the cherry on the top of your bridal glamour – especially if you plan on styling a fancy up-do for the big day. Thankfully, we have some Art Deco earrings to in both studs and drop styles, making them ideal for any hairdo.

Art Deco Wedding Earrings

You can find something a little more extreme with these stunning vintage onyx and diamond, yellow gold drop earrings. These earrings clip on, making them ideal for anyone with non-pierced ears who doesn’t want their ears to seem bare on their wedding day. The slightly oversized nature of these earrings makes them a real statement. Anyone bold enough to go for a black wedding gown would certainly love these earrings for their big day.

If you’re looking for something with the classic Art Deco details without being too large, opt for these 3.03ct diamond and white gold earrings. Their symmetry is typical of the time period, and they would look equally good with an elegant French twist hairstyle or a more relaxed low bun.

Art Deco Wedding Rings

When wearing rings on your wedding day, don’t feel as though you should limit yourself because of the occasion. If you want to keep it simple, consider incorporating Art Deco elements into your wedding ring to show your love for the style.

Alternatively, utilising a statement Art Deco ring for the day in place of your everyday engagement ring (unless of course that beauty is Art Deco in itself) is a great way to bring a touch of timeless glamour to the event. Large rings from this era in their original settings are becoming increasingly difficult to locate, making pieces like this 3.75ct diamond and platinum dress ring a real find for any aspiring bride.

Unlike a lot of other jewellery styles, Art Deco rings don’t suffer from their size. Wearing a large statement diamond ring isn’t going to look out of place or clash with any outfit; they are always an improvement on any aesthetic. Part of this unending beauty is a result of the popular ‘white on white’ look that the Art Deco era pioneered, where diamonds were used copiously with white metals like platinum and silver, making jewellery pieces that dazzle like this 5.39ct diamond and platinum ring.

Art Deco Wedding Necklaces

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a strapless dress, a v-neck, a sweetheart neckline, or spaghetti strap dress on your big day; you’re going to need a good necklace. Much like earrings and rings, Art Deco necklaces can be as subtle or as statement as you require.

Pearl pendants such as this natural saltwater pearl and 3.99ct diamond example are perfect for wedding day attire. The best part about treating yourself to some luxury jewellery for your wedding day is that – unlike the dress – jewellery can be worn again and again. Every time you put this pendant on, you’ll be taken back to that glorious day and remember all of the joy you felt.

You’ll never see a more ideal example of an Art Deco pendant than this exceptional 1.75ct diamond and platinum drop pendant circa 1920. This piece exemplifies everything that makes Art Deco great. Its feature diamonds catch the light, whilst the supporting stones refract so excellently that it’s impossible to miss. This timeless pendant is sure to match any neckline and any style of wedding dress.

Art Deco Wedding Bracelets

The vast majority of wedding gowns are sleeveless, leaving your wrists exposed and simply begging for some jewelled accompaniment. Don’t leave them feeling lonely, consider bringing an Art Deco bracelet into the mix. If you want to balance beauty and practicality, you can wear a diamond cocktail watch – although with their age they often make better bracelets than timepieces!

This magnificent 29.42ct diamond bracelet is a 1930s Art Deco masterpiece. Featuring an astonishing 426 diamonds, this statement bracelet has all of the hallmarks of a timeless jewellery piece. The feature bow design is typical of the Art Deco era, whilst also being subtle enough to avoid dating the bracelet. Bringing some serious bling to your wrist, this bracelet is certainly not to be sniffed at.

This stunning link bracelet shows us a different side to the world of Art Deco jewellery, utilising the absent spaces to create a gently curving motif across the length of the bracelet. More than 250 diamonds at over 10cts come together in this platinum bracelet to demonstrate the beauty of this era. With this on the wrist, you’ll walk down this aisle with confidence, well aware that everyone’s eyes are firmly fixed on you – jewellery like this simply radiates class and sophistication.

If you’re not yet convinced that Art Deco jewellery is perfect for your wedding day, we encourage you to explore more of the unique pieces we have in our collection. The Art Deco era has been celebrated for more than 100 years for its ingenuity, its originality, and its seemingly limitless beauty. Trust us, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something.

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