Ways to Use Silver Candle Holders for Weddings

Ways to Use Silver Candle Holders for Weddings

Wedding season is once again upon us, and here at AC Silver, we love nothing more than the elegance and romance you can find at a summer wedding. We like to give advice where we can, and today we’re focusing on the atmospheric lighting at your wedding. With that in mind, let’s dive into 5 different ways to use silver candle holders for weddings this year.

Elegant Centrepieces

Using candles for the centrepieces of your tables is a tried and tested method of inserting intimate, atmospheric lighting in any wedding. The beauty of silver candle holders in this context is that you can be selective, finding the perfect ones for whatever dining setup you have.

If you have round tables, consider lower-standing candle holders. Using three or four around the centre of the table will keep the lighting atmospheric without blocking your guest’s views of one another. Equally, if you have more of a barn-style dining setup with many guests sat at a single long table, you should opt for tall candle sticks. These can be placed at various points down the length of the table, their height keeping them out of the way of the diners.

Ways to Use Silver Candle Holders for Weddings
Musée de Tessé, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Highlight the Head Table

This is a great usage for a wedding with a smaller budget. Rather than getting silver candlestick holders for every table at your wedding, consider having them for the head/top table only. The newlyweds, their parents, and their respective best men/maids of honour are the typical arrangement for the top table, and so having your candlesticks on this table alone helps to highlight its importance.

You can have a single focal candlestick holder to stand at the centre of the table, or two smaller pieces to have at either end of the top table. This is a unique way of highlighting the top table without going over the top – perfect for an elegant wedding.

Light the Way

For the big romantics, this idea might be the perfect choice for you. You can use small silver candlestick holders to highlight the aisle itself. This is particularly effective for traditional church weddings and outdoor weddings. It is a good idea to consider safety, however, and you might want to use electric candles if you’re going to have candles placed on the floor.

Another way of using candles during the ceremony itself is to have them around the end of the aisle itself. This is a perfect setup for having multiple styles and sizes of candlestick holders. Once again, using electric candles is the best idea in the name of safety.

outdoor wedding meal
Image by Nathen CowleyCC BY 3.0

Time to Feast

The use of buffet tables at weddings is somewhat divisive, with some believing it to be tacky, while others think it’s practical. Any tackiness associated with buffets surely comes from the food choice itself, since there can be nothing bad about a table full of food. Using silver candlesticks on a buffet table is sure to eliminate any concept that it could possibly be anything less than elegant.

When you serve the cake, or whatever desserts you have in mind for the reception, you can use the candlesticks to keep everyone aware of where the goodies are located. The best candle holders for this are big and bold – highlighting the overall importance of dessert.

Photoshoot Fantastic

One last way to bring silver candlesticks into your wedding is for your photoshoots. Whether you want to go for distinctly posed shots, or if you prefer candid camera style photographs, placing some strategic candlesticks around the quieter corners of your reception makes for great set pieces when it does come time to snap some pics.

Using candlesticks for this purpose also allows your guests to take some romantic and atmospheric pictures, making for a fun alternative to the somewhat overused photobooths found at a lot of weddings these days.

Our Favourite Centrepieces

While we’re on the topic, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity to give you some inspiration from our own stock. Here are some of our favourite centrepieces that would be perfect for your wedding.

1. This pair of centrepieces is antique Victorian, dated to 1860. The sterling silver is accented with gilt elements that create a mixture of colour and texture that stands out in any situation.

The baskets at the tops of these centrepieces could be used for a huge variety of things, such as flowers, ribbons, or even after-dinner mints for your guests to help themselves. The possibilities are endless with this stunning pair of centrepieces.

Wedding Centrepieces

Silver Centrepieces

2. The next centrepiece we’re celebrating is this stunning sterling silver epergne dated to 1919.
This centrepiece is the perfect choice for anyone having a wedding following a specific theme such as an Art Deco or Art Nouveau theme – or even a Great Gatsby theme!

The elegance and style of this centrepiece can’t be overstated, with four individual fluted holders for you to utilise as you wish, or just leave them empty and let the piece speak for itself!

3. Our third centrepiece is this beautiful three-tiered bon bon dish from 1911.
The delicacy of this centrepiece lends it to being perfect for more minimalistic weddings, perhaps more of a country chic aesthetic rather than the bigger and bolder choices.

What’s fantastic about this centrepiece is that it has a lot of versatility in where you can use it as well as what you can fill each dish with; treats, floral accents, or anything else that suits your theme.
And there you have it, 5 ways to use silver candlestick holders in your wedding. It doesn’t matter what style you want to explore when you get married, there are certainly silver candle holders that will fit in with your dream plans.

Silver Wedding Centrepieces

Cover Image by alleksana, CC BY 3.0

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