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How to Style Hoop Earrings

Like many timeless fashion pieces, hoop earrings found their origins in a myriad of diverse cultures. Since their beginning, hoop earrings have become a mainstay of widespread fashion, and hoops are as essential to your jewellery box as a little black dress is for you wardrobe. If you’re wondering how to style hoop earrings and you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here for you. Whether you’ve received a beautiful pair of hoop earrings as a gift or you’ve decided to branch out and bought some for yourself, it’s time to explore the different avenues of fashion and style that can lead to styling hoop earrings perfectly.

How to Wear Small Hoop Earrings

Small hoop earrings can be anything from plain gold hoops that are a few centimetres in width to super-dainty earrings referred to as ‘huggies’ that sit very close to the earlobe. These earrings can be everyday pieces that accompany you from work to a date night effortlessly. Small hoop earrings look excellent with business attire; blouses, shirts, and formal dresses all compliment small-sized hoop earrings.

Equally, the smaller hoop earrings are great for looking casual whilst remaining stylish. Some small hoop earrings are great for keeping in as an everyday earring – making it easy to look good even when you’ve just woken up. Small hoop earrings have the same kind of versatility as other essential jewellery pieces, making them a go-to for many when it comes to the day-to-night transition.

How to Style Hoop Earrings
Image courtesy of Oleg Ivanov on UnsplashCC BY CC0 1.0
Image courtesy of Jonathan Borba on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0

When it comes to styling your hair with small hoop earrings, you can also be quite flexible.

Consider a high-and-tight ponytail for a work-ready aesthetic, and allow yourself to let your hair down at the end of the day to go out for a drink or two – your hoops will support you.

For more casual days, lounging on the couch kinds of days, you can wear a casual bun, small space buns, or even leave your hair down and let the sneak peak of your hoops elevate your look seamlessly.

But what about those big hoops?

How to Wear Big Hoop Earrings

Big hoop earrings – whether they are plain or outright statements – are perfect for looking stylish and effortless all at once. There’s something about the shape of a hoop earring that makes it look laidback, regardless of how you dress it up. This is a good thing! Laidback coolness is an excellent style that is also surprisingly versatile.

Regardless of your own personal style, large hoops can be worked into your fashion in a way that feels authentic. While big hoop earrings aren’t usually the number 1 best choice for workwear, they are absolutely perfect for out-of-work fun. Whether it’s a day out to some cultural locations, or an evening of partying hard, big hoop earrings are the way to be the life of the party without ever being over-or-underdressed.

Image courtesy of Joecalih on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0
Image courtesy of Azra Tuba Demir on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0

If you’re going for a daytime look, maybe heading somewhere exciting like a museum or art gallery, pair plain gold hoop earrings with a relaxed white shirt and some straight-leg jeans for a casual look that’s too cool for school.

You can wear your hair down, allowing the size of the hoops to poke through the gaps, their metal catching the eyes of all around. Alternatively, a good idea for if it’s a hot day especially, is wearing your hair up in a casual updo and letting your hoops take the main stage.

Add some other accessories to your ensemble in the form of a playful scarf or bandana in your hair and some red lipstick and you’ll feel ready for London Fashion Week in no time!

How to Wear Multiple Hoop Earrings

If, like some, you are lucky enough to have multiple ear piercings, don’t shy away from the idea of multiple hoops!

If you have the more common piercing that is the double-lobe piercing, opt for large hoops on the innermost piercing and smaller hoops on the outermost.

It’s an easy way of looking elegant and relaxed all at the same time.

You can scale the size of your hoops in accordance with your plans, opting for a series of smaller-sized hoops for the business days and larger hoops for those fun days out.

Image courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto on pexelsCC BY CC0 1.0
Image courtesy of Kimia Zarifi on UnsplashCC BY CC0 1.0

If your ear piercings are more unconventional, you can still include hoop earrings into your style.

Helix piercings – which are on the outer section of the upper ear – are the perfect place for hoop earrings. You might just have one of these piercings, but if you do have multiple, this is the ideal environment for multiple hoops.

You can keep a consistent theme between them – such as having three earrings that all have Celtic influence, or three yellow gold earrings with diamonds – equally you can mix and match styles for something more eclectic.

Wearing a selection of hoop earrings that gradually become larger the further down the ear you go is a creative way of bringing your own unique twist to the look as well.

Our Hoop Earrings

While we’re going on about the many advantages of styling hoop earrings, why not have a look at some of our own? We love any excuse to crack out our own jewellery pieces – so let’s have a look at a few pairs of hoop earrings.

This first pair of hoop earrings feature a stunning array of diamonds taking up a cross-like formation across the length of the hoop.

Large in size, these hoop earrings would make a great statement for anyone who likes their jewellery big and bold. The hint of a cross design adds a sense of grandeur to this pair of earrings – perhaps ideal for someone with an interest in religious iconography?

On to the next pair, and these vintage yellow gold and diamond earrings have a two-tiered design that is both elegant and glamorous.

The shape taken by these earrings leaves one side shorter than the other, creating a sense of shape and movement that looks great when they’re worn with an updo hairstyle.

These vintage earrings are dated to the 1970s, yet their design conveys something more typical of the 1950s era of jewellery, making them quite timeless in their style.

The last pair of hoop earrings we’re going to show off today is this pair of 1980s yellow gold and diamond hoops.

Perfect for everyday wear, these hoops are more understated and toned down than our other hoops.

The subtle curving style of these earrings moves them in and out, adding a little something extra to them that keeps them from being too basic or bland.

Accenting the twisty curves of these earrings are three diamonds per hoop, generating sparkle that adds that much-needed eye-catching effect.

Hoop earrings can seem intimidating; it’s easy to see how well they suit others and assume that you don’t stand a chance of pulling them off in the same way.

This is not the case, however, as they are truly a universal piece of jewellery that can be complimentary to anyone who has the confidence to pull it off. Embrace your own style with hoop earrings and make them work for you – it’s easier than you think!

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