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5 Dainty Diamond Wedding Bands That We Love

With so much emphasis on finding the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands can sometimes come as an afterthought. With so many gorgeous options out there, however, it’s worth putting in the research to find a wedding band that makes you just as excited! While some people love the idea of a simple yet elegant, plain band, that isn’t the only option. If you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, there are plenty of wedding band styles out there that come with a little bit of sparkle.

Today, we’re exploring some of our very favourite dainty diamond wedding bands and finding out what makes them so special. Read on to find the perfect wedding ring for you!

5 Dainty Diamond Wedding Bands That We Love

Eternity Rings

Although eternity rings are traditionally gifted by a spouse after the wedding, there’s no reason why you can’t mix things up a bit and go for an eternity ring as a wedding band. After all, the meaning behind this design is the promise of eternal love and devotion — what better style to choose to symbolise your wedding day bond?

Over recent years, both full and half eternity rings have become more popular wedding ring choices. They work particularly well when paired with a fairly simply engagement ring, such as a diamond solitaire ring with a plain band. Combined, the result is gorgeous and full of sparkle. The diamonds on the eternity ring will complement the other plain band well and create an eye-catching, but not too “over the top” look.

Both full eternity rings and half eternity rings do the job wonderfully. Here are two of our favourites:

For a full eternity that is a little bit unusual, this vintage 1980s piece is perfect. The setting gives the ring an undulating effect, making the overall appearance even more dainty than other eternity rings — perfect for adding a twinkle to your everyday look.

For a yellow gold option, with a slightly more structured setting, this vintage half eternity ring is another fabulous choice. If you’re feeling nervous about wearing diamonds every day, then a half eternity ring like this one is a great choice.

Not only are half eternity rings generally more comfortable on the finger, but they are less likely to get damaged as the diamonds only embellish one of their sides. This piece, in addition, features a channel setting that will keep the diamonds safe and tucked away while still sparkling beautifully!

A Diamond Accent

If you’re not sure about a wedding band that is quite so diamond-encrusted, but you do want a subtle element of sparkle, then a dainty wedding band with a diamond accent is a great choice.

This option will work well if you have a busier engagement ring, such as a trilogy ring, and you’re looking for something slightly more refined to compliment it. Here’s an example that we love:

This stunning Victorian diamond wedding band is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a ring full of romance and history. The style is unusual yet simple and elegant — perfect for the dainty diamond wedding band of your dreams!

A Little More Sparkle

If you’re eager to find something sparkly, but the traditional eternity ring style isn’t for you, try one of these stunning designs:

For a wonderful white gold wedding band with subtle sparkle, this contemporary piece is perfect!

From a distance, the band looks simple and stripped-back, but on closer inspection, it sparkles beautifully.

Subtle and elegant, this band would complement a solitaire engagement ring in white gold or platinum beautifully.

This stunning vintage yellow gold ring is unique and playful — the perfect wedding band choice for a bride who likes to stand out from the crowd.

The band is slim and dainty, but the diamond ornamentation definitely gives it the wow factor!

Whether you’re all about the sparkle or you’re looking for a subtle piece to complement your show-stopping engagement ring, we have your covered here at AC Silver!

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