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Jewellery Ideas for 18th Birthday

Is jewellery a good birthday gift? That’s the question we’re really looking to answer today. Your child’s 18th birthday is a big celebration, and it’s understandable that you might struggle with knowing what to get for them. We’re looking at gifts for your daughter’s 18th today, and yes, we will be talking about jewellery ideas.

18th Birthday Necklaces

Turning 18 is the first big step into being an adult, and owning a piece of fine jewellery is an excellent reminder of that fact. Pendants are the kind of gift that any child would appreciate, and they can wear it for most occasions, even everyday life. Solitaire pendants are a design that’s a popular choice for the 18th birthday – a single stone suspended on a fine metal chain that looks at once sophisticated and elegant.

Check out a few of our solitaire pendants for your daughter’s eighteenth.

Jewellery Ideas for 18th Birthday

Rings for an 18th Birthday

When I turned 18, my granny gave me a ring that she wanted me to wear every day. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of how much she loved me, and it is a gift I will likely be able to cherish for the rest of my life. I may even be able to pass it down to another member of my family. If you want this to be something that your child can do, try a ring that they can wear again and again.

Here are some of our own rings that are the ideal 18th birthday gift for anyone.

18th Birthday Bracelets

For an 18th birthday present, bracelets and bangles are gifts that perfectly symbolise the transition into adulthood. Whether you go for a bracelet with gemstones on it that sits slightly loosely on the wrist, or you opt for a bangle with a firm shape, there are a lot of choices that can suit your daughter’s style.

There are chain style bracelets that suit a more laidback look, and there are bracelets with precious gemstones and delicate settings that are better for formal events or styles.

Watches for an 18th Birthday

The watch is the classic gift for special birthdays. Whether it’s an 18th or an 80th, a beautiful timepiece is an appreciated present that lasts for years and years. Our selection of antique and vintage watches includes an assortment of cocktail watches, fob watches, and – when we’re lucky – even pocket watches.

For your daughter, what could be a better 18th birthday present than a cocktail watch that she can wear for every special occasion yet to come. We have a lot of diamond watches, as well as ones with rubies, emeralds, and other materials like onyx.

Earrings for an 18 Year Old

One last piece of jewellery to consider for your daughter’s 18th birthday is a pair of earrings. A classic gift, earrings can be worn for her birthday, her first real job interview, her wedding day – and every time she chooses to wear them, she’ll remember the great 18th birthday that she had, as well as how much her parents love her.

Diamond studs are the best option for something immensely classic that suits every style; it doesn’t matter whether your daughter is more of a punk rocker or Hepburn lookalike, they will look beautiful with some diamond studs!

We aren’t all natural gift-givers. If your daughter’s 18th birthday is coming up and you’re not sure what to get for her, give jewellery a serious think. It shows her that you care about her and want her to look and feel beautiful in something special. We have more than enough pieces for everyone’s tastes, so you’ve got lots of options to choose from!

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