For anyone who is born in February or a serious lover of all things purple, amethyst jewellery is the place to be; these stones have stunning depth and a unique beauty that captures the heart effortlessly.

When you’re wondering how to work in amethysts to your style, it’s time to check out our blog. Let’s get styling!

Amethyst Rings

Antique and vintage amethyst rings are among my favourite pieces of vintage and antique jewellery. They come in a huge range of styles and shades, ranging from some popular antique looks like Victorian jewellery aesthetics to the timeless chicness of Art Deco jewellery.

When you’re styling amethyst rings, you should ideally let the stone take centre stage. Our selection of amethyst rings includes a lot of dress and cocktail rings that have generously-sized gemstones – any example of these would be a perfect statement jewellery piece.

Amethyst is one of the less pricey precious gemstones, meaning that you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Style your statement amethyst ring with a chunky bangle and a chain necklace in the same colour metal as the ring. A purple accent in your outfit such as purple shoes, nail polish, and hand bag ties the whole look together.

How to Style Amethysts
Amethyst Rings
Styling Amethyst Jewellery

Amethyst Brooches

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; brooches are back, baby. After a brief hiatus from high-street fashion, brooches are back with a vengeance. Sometimes, brooches have the misrepresentation of being drab, and it’s important to remember that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can see from our brooches that the reality is that amethyst brooches have a stunning spread to them. When you’re styling an amethyst brooch, you want to ensure you combine the beautiful and the practical in a smart way. Brooches are perfect for pinning scarves in place, accenting jacket lapels, and fastening loose clothing around yourself, such as ponchos and other fashionable pieces.

For styling an amethyst brooch, you want to wear it on your outermost layer. Our amethyst brooches in particular are big and bold, so it’s no use hiding them under your coat. Wear your amethyst brooch on the lapel of a formal winter coat, whether it’s black, white, grey, or beige.

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Amethyst Brooch
How to Style an Amethyst Brooch

Amethyst Pendants

Pendants and necklaces are the type of jewellery piece that makes for the perfect birthday present. It could be that you or your significant other were born in February, making the amethyst your birthstone, or it could literally just be that purple is a favourite colour of yours.

If you’re looking for ways to style an amethyst pendant or necklace, it’s all about the neckline of your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a shirt, a blouse, or a dress, you can combine an amethyst pendant with almost any outfit. If you have a v-neckline, a larger pendant with a longer chain are good choices.

Scoop necks and crewnecks are the most difficult necklines to incorporate a pendant; for these, go for a more simple and laidback necklace that doesn’t make such a statement. Boat necklines, v-necklines, and halter necklines are your best chance for getting a statement piece of amethyst jewellery in your outfit.

How to Style Amethysts
Amethyst Jewellery
Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst Earrings

Last but not least, let’s talk about amethyst earrings. Whether studs or dangling earrings, amethyst earrings are always a worthwhile addition to your jewellery box. When you want to style amethyst earrings, you’re going to want to think about your hairstyle.

Amethyst stud earrings, for example, will be best suited to a casual updo hairstyle. These are the kind of earrings that you can wear every day, and so everyday styles like a messy bun or a ponytail are the most complimentary for these types of earrings.

When you’re going for something more fanciful, you’ll be better off having either a half-up half-down hairstyle, a formal updo, or a more relaxed down style. Wear your hair either properly straightened or properly curled, ensuring it has maximum sleek shine, and keep it tucked behind your ears on at least one side of your head so that your earrings have the chance to make a scene.

How to Style Amethysts
Amethyst Jewellery
Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst jewellery is worth its weight in gold – or at least we think so! The next time you’re thinking about popping on some stunning purple jewellery, consider the amethyst gemstone, and know that we’ve got your back when it comes to styling!

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