When it comes to engagement rings, there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself, especially when you’re thinking about different options. Are coloured gemstones acceptable for engagement rings? Is sapphire okay for an engagement ring? What does a sapphire ring symbolise? This blog is going to cover some important questions about sapphire engagement rings, as well as show off a few of our favourites from our stock.

Is Sapphire Okay for an Engagement Ring?

A lot of engagement rings feature coloured gemstones of various kinds. Popular gemstones include, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Engagement rings with sapphires are not only acceptable choices for engagement rings, they’re surprisingly common. If you’re curious about whether sapphires are a good engagement ring choice, we’ve got you covered. Spoiler alert: they are a great choice, and we have a lot of unique examples to display.

Take this sapphire and diamond three stone engagement ring. Trilogy rings like this are a great choice for people who like more traditional engagement rings with prominent diamonds. The central diamond has significant size and style, being perfectly complimented by a pair of oval-cut sapphires on either side. We have another sapphire trilogy ring to show off as well, with the stones inverted so that one central sapphire is accented with two diamonds. With trilogy rings, there’s no end to the combinations of gemstones you can choose, which make them a style that’s very easy to personalise.

Top 6 Engagement Rings with Sapphires
sapphire white gold and diamond vintage dress ring

sapphire 18ct white gold diamond trilogy ring

What Does a Sapphire Ring Symbolise?

The meaning of sapphires is multi-faceted, coming from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ – meaning blue. Supposedly in ancient myth, a giant sapphire holds up the earth, allowing the sky to reflect its rich blueness. So perhaps it’s safe to say that a sapphire ring is a symbol of strength and power.

Sapphires were considered to be aides in the pursuit of reading the future in Ancient Mediterranean cultures. They represent truth and loyalty, which explains why they’re such a popular and unique choice for engagement rings. Symbolising the strength and unity between two people, sapphire engagement rings are a good choice for those who are big into the symbolism of gemstones.

How Much Should You Pay for a Sapphire Engagement Ring?

The price point of any engagement ring is subjective, but knowing how much to pay for a sapphire engagement ring is a different decision. The most important part of establishing a budget is ensuring that you don’t stray from it once it’s set.

Judging the value of the best sapphires in the world can become a simple process if you want it to be; you can evaluate the colour and quality of the stone, and allow that to be your compass for how much you are willing to spend on a stone. Some things to bear in mind include what other gemstones you’d like to see on your engagement ring: are you a sapphire-only person, or would you like the more traditional diamonds to be in the mix as well?

Some styles of engagement ring will also run up a higher price than others. Our twist rings, featuring only two gemstones, are less costly than our three stone rings. Something that will always impact the price of an engagement ring, however, is the carat weight of the gemstones involved. Bigger will likely always mean more money spent, so keep in mind some sort of size limit based on your financial situation and your personal preferences.

diamond sapphire platinum twist ring antique 1920s
Burmese sapphire 15ct yellow gold vintage dress ring

burmese sapphire diamond and 18ct white gold vintage french cluster ring

1. Sapphire and Diamond 1980s Ring

The first entry on our top 6 list is this striking vintage ring. Set in 18 carat white gold, this ring displays two square set sapphires at either side of a baguette cut diamond. This trio at the centre of the arrangement are accented at the ‘corners’ of the ring with a trillion cut diamond at either side.

This type of setting style is highly practical, making this a great choice for anyone who wants an engagement ring with sapphires without having something uncomfortable or more prone to damage. The collet setting style means that the gemstones sit right alongside the metal, making them very secure and less likely to be damaged.

This white gold ring has a very flat-sitting surface; it is ideal for people who are always on the go, living active lifestyles. The angular cuts of the stones are also a unique choice for an engagement ring – something you’re not likely to forget any time soon.

SKU: C2880

Sapphire Engagement Rings with Diamonds

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2. Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

Next up, we’re checking out this beautiful sapphire and diamond cluster ring. Rings with cluster settings are a very popular style for engagement ring choices, and just one look at this ring makes it easy to see why. Having a central stone like this sapphire bordered on all sides by the sparkling of diamonds is something that can’t be beat.

This sapphire is an oval faceted cut stone, creating an elegant shape that’s hugely sought after for engagement rings. After the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2010, sapphire engagement rings have been an increasingly common choice.

Prince William used the engagement ring of his late mother, Lady Diana, to propose to his now-wife: a gorgeous vintage sapphire cluster ring. If your fiancée likes timeless jewellery, this is the choice for you/

SKU: C5699

3. Antique Style Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Coming in at number three is this quaint little piece of jewellery that’s sure to hold a special place in someone’s heart. Although this ring is hallmarked to the year 1977, everything about it’s design style is more reminiscent of all things Victorian jewellery – which we love!

The pear cut diamond is surrounded by diamonds and topped with a diamond-encrusted bow, creating a formation totally reminiscent of romantic Victorian jewellery. The choice of yellow gold as the metal for this ring is the cherry on top of this delicious cupcake of a ring!

The decorative elements of the band of this ring add more and more treats to a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s unlike anything you’re likely to find on the high-street today. If you want something that harkens back to times passed for your engagement rings, then embrace the romantic side of life with this beauty.

SKU: A8225

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4. Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring Circa 1910

A genuine antique piece is in our number 4 slot with this beautiful sapphire and diamond set-up. Dating to the 1910s, this ring is delicate and dainty in a way that a lot of antique pieces simply aren’t. The diamond and sapphire arrangement may be a kind of rounded square shape, but it takes up a surprisingly small space on the finger.

The central sapphire is a square cut stone, set at angle so that it appears as more of a kite shape. This unique setting style is further accented by the eight diamonds set along the sides of the sapphire. All together, this ring has a setting that’s reminiscent of a strange flower – very unique!

This ring has a platinum setting surrounding the gemstones, making them appear brighter and bolder against the yellow gold band of the ring. This dainty piece would be a great choice for someone who has smaller hands or fingers, as its overall size will be complimentary to a petite wearer.

SKU: C2951

5. Sapphire and Diamond Twist Ring Circa 1930

A 1930s twist ring takes the penultimate spot on our list, and it’s easy to see why! The central, oval mixed cut sapphire is collet set with a healthy ring of yellow gold surrounding it. At both the top and the bottom of the sapphire are Old European round cut diamonds. Smaller diamonds sit alongside the focal trio, leading to a delicate swooping that connects the stones to the band of the ring.

This piece of antique jewellery is effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. It manages to have sweeping curls of metal creating an almost fluid structure and appearance without becoming cumbersome or oversized. The twisting shape of the ring setting is typical of this early 20th century time period, making it a great choice for antique lovers.

Choosing a ring like this for an engagement ring is a good choice to be able to include a coloured stone whilst still having an engagement ring that’s more typical to engagement ring styles. Obviously, the most common engagement rings are made with diamonds alone, but it’s always smart to consider having colourful stones in order to get something more personal to your tastes!

SKU: A7240

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Top 6 Engagement Rings with Sapphires

6. Antique and Contemporary Sapphire and Diamond White Gold Ring

Last but not least, we’re checking out this brilliant sapphire and diamond ring that’s both antique and contemporary. When an item in our stock has this unique dating system, it’s usually because the gemstones are old – as they are in this case – but the setting itself is more modern.

The central oval mixed cut sapphire in this ring is flanked on either side by two Old European round cut diamonds, creating a row effect that’s both practical and beautiful for an engagement ring. The problem that you often find when looking for a unique antique to have as your engagement ring is that it’s difficult to get a wedding band that will sit neatly alongside the engagement ring.

With this ring, however, you’ll encounter no such issue. Because the row design is neat and clean, any typical wedding band style will fit perfectly neatly alongside this sapphire engagement ring. You could even consider using a ring like this as an anniversary ring to sit between a more typical engagement ring and a wedding band.

SKU: A2745

And there we have it, 6 of our sapphire engagement rings that show some of the range you can find in the sapphire ring category. What do you think of a sapphire engagement ring?

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