Coloured gemstones are becoming more and more popular in engagement rings today, with gemstones like sapphiresemeraldsrubies, and amethysts being increasingly common choices. But can engagement rings have coloured stones? Is there some kind of taboo against colourful gemstones in engagement rings? Read on to find out as we explore options for engagement rings with purple stones.

Can Engagement Rings Have Coloured Stones?

Now, obviously we have to start off by stating that the answer here is a resounding yes. When it comes to engagement rings, there are no rules, truly. Of course, there are traditional engagement ring rules that you can follow if you want guidance, such as buying diamond-only engagement rings. The classic diamond solitaire rings is the most basic form of the engagement ring, but with the various traditions surrounding engagements and weddings evolving rapidly over time, all bets are off with engagement rings these days.

Not only are colourful engagement rings interesting, they add a unique spin to your engagement ring, making it more personalised to your own tastes. Amethyst rings, for example, are perfect for those looking to show off a flash of colour with their engagement ring. Another reason to consider amethysts for your engagement ring is their cost efficiency. Amethysts are one of the more affordable precious gemstones, meaning you can get more bang for your buck if you want a flashy engagement ring.

Engagement Rings with Purple Stones
amethyst 18ct yellow gold cocktail ring

What Does an Amethyst Engagement Ring Mean?

The name for amethysts comes from an Ancient Greek word, ‘amethystos’, which roughly translates to something akin to sobriety. Amethysts have been used to fend any form of dangerous intoxication from affecting the wearer. Perhaps an amethyst engagement ring defends the wearer from becoming dangerously intoxicated by love.

Another association often made with amethysts is the idea that they help the wearer channel their creativity and spirituality. This is the perfect reason to consider amethysts for your engagement ring, are you a creative person? If not, do you wish you could channel your creativity more effectively? In either case, amethysts may be the guide you need. Their deep purple colour makes them a very appealing stone. Perfect for anyone who likes purple, amethysts are a great choice that can take an engagement ring to a new level of uniqueness.

Amethyst Engagement Ring
Antique Amethyst Ring

If you are looking for your own engagement ring, think about including amethysts in the loop. Purple is a romantic colour, representing the passion and connection between two people, and it might be the finishing touch that your engagement ring could be missing. Consider an amethyst engagement ring for something different and stunning in its own way. You never know how much jealousy you might cause!

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