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Top 5 Dainty Oval Engagement Rings

During the all-important search for your dream engagement ring, what are the qualities you’re looking for? If you’re eager to find something effortlessly elegant, full of sparkle and bang on trend, then a dainty oval engagement ring just might be the perfect option for you!

Read on to find out more about this stunning diamond cut and discover our favourite oval engagement rings.

What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

The beautiful oval cut is relatively modern compared to some classic diamond cuts. It was first created in the late 1950s by the Russian diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan. Famed for being able to turn even very flawed diamonds into something beautiful, Kaplan created the oval cut as a result of cutting down larger, flawed stones, to reveal something beautiful.

Kaplan’s efforts certainly paid off. Today, oval cut diamonds and gemstones are adored for combining the stunning sparkle of the round brilliant cut and the flattering, elongated shape of the marquise cut. As well as showcasing an impressive amount of sparkle, oval cut gemstones have the advantage of being unusual and unique. What’s more, when cut well, oval diamonds and gemstones can look larger than their round counterparts.

Our Top 5 Dainty Oval Engagement Rings

The benefits of oval engagement rings keep on coming: many people choose this style due to its flattering shape. Like the marquise cut, oval cut diamonds are elongated and flatter the finger wonderfully.

Are Oval Shaped Engagement Rings Popular?

Not only are oval engagement rings undeniably gorgeous, but they’ve become very popular with celebrities over recent years. Stars such as Arianna Grande, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Anniston have all showed off their dazzling oval cut engagement rings, spurring on the popularity of this cut everywhere.

If you’re wondering whether oval cut engagement rings are timeless, then the answer is most certainly yes! Although this shape is unusual, the oval cut still has the same timeless beauty as the round brilliant cut diamond and this style is set to retain its popularity for many years to come.

If you’re intrigued and excited about the prospect of a dainty oval engagement ring, we’ve got some fabulous options to share with you! Here are five of our absolute favourites…

Our Top 5 Dainty Oval Engagement Rings

1. – 1.62ct Sapphire and 1.86ct Diamond, Platinum Trilogy Ring

Three stone rings have long been an engagement ring favourite, and sapphires have become particularly popular over recent years. Combining both, we have this impressive antique and contemporary platinum trilogy ring with gorgeous oval cut sapphires. This stunning piece ticks all the boxes for an on-trend engagement ring.

2. – 1.42 ct Diamond and 18 ct White Gold Dress Ring

This stunning contemporary white gold diamond ring is perfect if you’re looking for something truly dazzling. The supporting diamonds on the shank, and forming the cluster around the central oval brilliant diamond add something extra special to this unique ring.

3. – 0.98 ct Diamond and 18 ct Yellow Gold Cluster Ring

For a dainty and decorative vintage engagement ring, this yellow gold vintage cluster ring is another wonderful option. The central oval cut diamond steals the show in this piece and is perfectly complemented by the smaller modern brilliant round cut supporting diamonds. Combined, the diamonds give this engagement ring an exceptional sparkle!

4. – 1.20 ct Sapphire and 0.45 ct Diamond, 18 ct White Gold Dress Ring

This vintage 1990s white gold ring is a little unusual, and ideal if you’re looking for something with a clean, modern aesthetic. The central oval cut sapphire is complemented wonderfully on either side with sleek baguette cut diamonds, creating a fabulous level of sparkle.

5. – 0.84 ct Sapphire and 0.48 ct Diamond, 18 ct White Gold Dress Ring

Last but certainly not least, we have this stunning vintage oval cut sapphire and diamond, white gold cluster engagement ring. Sapphire cluster rings are a timeless engagement ring style, made particularly popular by Princess Dianna and, later, Kate Middleton. For a classic style with a unique twist, this ring is perfect. The central oval cut sapphire elongated the ring, making it flattering and a little bit different.

For more stunning engagement rings in all shapes and sizes, view our full collection today. There really is something special to suit everyone here at AC Silver!

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