Here at AC Silver, we could talk about vintage jewellery all day long. The bright gemstones, daring designs and unique styles of vintage jewellery are all easy to get excited about! Today, we’re indulging in that excitement exploring the world of vintage jewellery. Read on to find out more about what we actually mean by “vintage” as well as what to wear with vintage jewellery and more about the different styles out there for you to choose from.

What is vintage style jewellery?

The umbrella term “vintage” encapsulates a wide array of jewellery pieces and the definition of the word can vary from person to person. Here at AC Silver, we refer to any jewellery piece crafted between 1940 and 1995. Anything pre-1940, we officially class as antique. Whereas any pieces that were crafted since 1995 are contemporary. In between these parameters we have the wonderful world of vintage!

During these eras, many iconic styles changed the face of jewellery making, and there are many unique and showstopping pieces within our very own vintage collection. While some pieces of vintage jewellery could easily pass as contemporary, other designs take clear inspiration from antique styles and could be confused with original Victorian or Art Deco items. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone within the realms of vintage jewellery!

What vintage jewellery is in style?

Many classic vintage pieces have come in and out of style over the years, but recently, there’s been a big resurgence in many vintage trends. In line with the popularity of vintage fashion, vintage jewellery is particularly in vogue at the moment, and some particular trends are on everyone’s minds.

These styles have seen particular interest over recent months:


Charms on both necklaces and bracelets have seen a big comeback recently, especially those crafted in yellow gold. Layering chunky statement bracelets and plenty of chains is key to pulling off this trend.

Mix and match your charms in a style that suits you, and get creative with them. It’s a fabulous example of the type of vintage jewellery that is back in style — bold, unusual, and playful!


Hoop Earrings

This trend has come in and out of fashion over the years, but, ultimately, hoop earrings really do stand the test of time. Currently, chunky hoop earrings are all the rage — especially those in yellow gold.

Like charm bracelets, this style is bold and playful, which is what vintage jewellery is all about.

These 1980s hoop style cuff earrings are a great example of the popular trend. The asymmetric gemstones add that something special as well.

Vintage Earrings

Signet Rings

While signet rings have traditionally been associated with men’s jewellery, these chunky, statement rings have made a massive comeback for women recently.

Yellow gold signet rings featuring intaglio or gemstones such as onyx or ruby are particularly popular and look fabulous when worn with an array of other stacked yellow gold rings.

Equally, wear a large signet ring on its own as a statement piece, maybe with a single gold chain bracelet. This is edgy and chic with zero effort!

Intaglio Signet Ring


Vintage brooches are another jewellery trend that is back in style in a big way. There are plenty of ways to style vintage brooches and you’re sure to find the perfect look for you!

For example, you could opt for one statement brooch or arrange a number of small brooches in a cluster formation.

Brightly coloured brooches are particularly popular right now, so look out for eye-catching enamel pieces like this gorgeous plique-à-jour butterfly brooch.

Vintage Style Jewellery

Things to look for in vintage jewellery

Whichever style of vintage jewellery has piqued your interest, there are a number of things to look out for to ensure that you get your hands on an authentic and beautiful piece. For example, remember to always look out for hallmarks that will give you an indication about when and where the piece was made. If the piece in question isn’t hallmarked, make sure that the metal has been professionally analysed so that you know it’s authentic. If you’re considering buying a vintage jewellery piece featuring gemstones, check out the gemstone quality and look out for certification such as an independent diamond and gemstone grading report card.

Vintage Diamond Jewellery

When you know that the piece is authentic, all that matters is that you love it and that it suits your own personal style. To find the next wonderful vintage jewellery piece for you, browse our full range today!

Written by

Delilah Kealy-Roberts

Delilah joined the AC Silver team as a Sales & Digital Assistant in 2017 after completing her degree in English Literature at Leeds University. Delilah possesses a passion for jewellery and antiquities combined with an interest in blogging and social media.