Here at AC Silver we are focussing on the less attention grabbing, and more delicate jewellery pieces. While we’re on this kick, we thought we’d check out our eternity rings

What Makes an Eternity Ring Dainty?

When it comes to what defines an eternity ring as being dainty, it’s partially to do with the carat weight of the diamonds and partially to do with the thickness of the setting metal. Eternity rings with a high carat weight usually require more metal to be held secure, meaning that bulky eternity rings are more likely to have both larger diamonds and more metal.

Dainty eternity rings do have less sparkle, it’s true, but the sacrifice is made up for with the added comfort. There are two main reasons that people opt for slimmer eternity rings, style and comfort. They are more comfortable on the hand, especially half eternity rings, since the hardness of the diamonds is only on one side of the finger. Equally, a lot of people want a slimmer eternity ring purely because they prefer the more minimalist styles that are popular today.

When Should You Give an Eternity Ring?

Diamond Eternity Rings

Traditionally, eternity rings are given to celebrate wedding anniversaries. The intention is that the row of diamonds reminds each member of the marriage of the strength and intensity of their bond. An eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting affection, and so it’s the perfect thing to give for a wedding anniversary.

Today, however, eternity rings are given for a variety of reasons. Whether you’ve got a new job, there’s a baby on the way, or you’re celebrating a special birthday, an eternity ring is not an uncommon gift.

If you want to give an eternity ring as a gift, don’t feel restricted by a certain event or occasion, some people even choose to have eternity rings in the place of the traditional plain wedding band. If you think the recipient would like an eternity ring, whether a full or half eternity, then you should check out some of these wonderfully dainty options within our collections.

Dainty Diamond Eternity Band
Dainty Diamond Rings

Caring For Dainty Diamond Eternity Rings

Taking care of a dainty diamond eternity ring is surprisingly simple. Diamond jewellery is easily cleaned with a soft toothbrush and some washing-up liquid, a gentle scrub in a circular motion will bring out the biggest and brightest sparkle in your ring. With the dainty pieces more care will be needed to ensure you get in the less obvious areas such as the diamond setting, and dont forget those diamond may be smaller but they are just as important to clean.

If you think your ring might need a bit more heavy-duty care, however, you can take it into a professional jeweller for a deep clean. At AC Silver, we offer our customers a complimentary annual cleaning service where we closely inspect their jewellery for any potential damage, we prefer to get ahead of any damage when it comes to vintage and antique jewellery – it’s better safe than sorry!

What Does an Eternity Ring Symbolise?

Eternity ring symbols are fairly easy to understand – it’s all in the name. With the most common style of eternity ring having diamonds all the way around the band, it is an endless row of diamonds. An eternity of diamonds, if you will. Eternity rings are supposed to represent the love that doesn’t end, which will outlast even the ring itself.

Don’t worry though, a half eternity ring doesn’t represent love that lasts half as long as a full eternity ring. Half eternity rings have their own benefit in that they can be resized; whereas once you’ve got a full diamond eternity, you can’t resize the ring without losing some of the stones or needing more. The half eternity is a good choice if you want a ring that can be a family heirloom, passed down the generations and resized as and when is needed.

AC Silver Dainty Diamond Eternity Rings

With all that out of the way, let’s have some fun and showcase some of our finest dainty diamond eternity rings. Sometimes, you want a diamond ring that is flashy and over-the-top, but other times, a delicate piece of jewellery that provides that small but important sparkle is better.

Diamond Rings
Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity Band
Dainty Eternity Band

We have a fun mix of bigger and smaller eternity rings in our collection, but these smaller, more delicate ones have really caught our attention at the minute. What do you think about a dainty diamond eternity ring?

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