Setting the mood for dining is essential to ensuring that everyone has a good and memorable time. There are a lot of ways to improve the set-up of your dining table, including making use of napkin rings, menu holders, and silver canteens of cutlery. One element that you cannot forget about, however, is the lighting. Candlelight is perfect for all kinds of dinners, between friends, family, and your closest loved one.

So, what silver candle holders are perfect for what table settings?

Candle Holders for Small Tables Seating 4

With a smaller table, ideally set for 4 people, there are two main options worth exploring. You can have a single, larger candle holder as a centrepiece, or a pair of smaller candlesticks evenly spaced around the table setting.

The shape of your table makes a big difference to the ideal set-up. Small, round tables look best with a single candlestick in the centre, ideally not so tall as to cut off eyelines of the diners sitting around the table. Rectangular tables set up to seat 4 people are more flexible, with the central candlestick and the pair of candlesticks both looking appropriate. Check out our examples below of great candle holders for small tables.

Silver Candle Holders for Dining Table
swedish silver candlesticks contemporary vintage

britannia standard sterling silver candlesticks antique queen anne

Candle Holders for Medium Tables Seating 6

Medium-sized tables can be rectangular with chairs on all sides of the table, or round with enough surface space to comfortably seat 6 people. A rectangular table setting intended for a medium-sized group looks exquisite with candelabra. A single, sizeable candelabra placed at the centre of the table looks especially nice on a round table.

For rectangular tables, a pair of silver candelabrum that can be placed on either side of a centrepiece are ideal. These candlesticks allow you to spread out the lighting across the length of the table. They can also contribute to the aesthetics of the centrepiece itself depending on the style you choose.

sterling silver three light candelabrum antique george IV
sterling silver three light candelabra art nouveau
sterling silver four light candelabrum

Candle Holders for Large Tables Seating 8 or More

Large tables require somewhat more grandiose settings. If you are seating 8 people or more, it is important to have multiple sources of light spread around the space in order to keep everybody in an equal amount of light. The last thing you want is for some of guests to feel as though they have been left in the dark – both literally and metaphorically.

Thankfully, lots of candlestick sets available in our selection come in sets of four. Using four candle holders spread across the table allows you to maintain a consistent theme and aesthetic, and if you’re interested in matching everything up, you can get candlesticks from a similar time period as other elements of your table décor. Equally, candlesticks are the type of antique that manage to look appropriate regardless of the other decorative elements present.

cast sterling silver candlesticks antique george IV
set of four sterling silver candlesticks charles II stlye
spanish sterling silver candlesticks french empire style

And there you have it, a basic introduction to which silver candle holders are perfect for which dining table set-ups. The next time you’re planning a more formal dinner, consider using one of the types of candlesticks mentioned here; they’ll give your dining room a somewhat magical feel that is sure to make everyone remember the special night they spent dining with you.

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Bethany Massey

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