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What Are Ballerina Rings?

What is a Ballerina Ring?

A ballerina ring is the name given to a ring that features a layout involving gemstones – usually diamonds – in a splayed-out pattern, similar to a ballerina’s tutu. A section of the cluster-ring family, the ballerina ring is simultaneously a dainty piece of jewellery and a stunning cocktail ring.

There is no set shape for the ballerina ring, with roundedness being the only common theme found throughout the subcategory. The varied shapes and sizes of ballerina rings make them excellent gifts.

History of the Ballerina Ring

Ballerina Rings

A ring that carries as much carat weight and as many gemstones as ballerina rings requires seriously strong metal. This is why it’s no surprise that ballerina rings weren’t popular until the 1950s. A mid-century classic, ballerina rings swiftly became popular with luxury jewellery brands like Tiffany & Co. and Boucheron.

Today, ballerina rings are still made, but the vintage examples of the kind are the most popular, partially because of their age, and partially because of the sentimentality of such a quaint jewellery concept.

Meaning of the Ballerina Ring

Ballerina rings aren’t like eternity rings or engagement rings, and so they don’t have the same sense of meaning that these inherently romantic rings do. Instead, they are an ideal gift to give for a special occasion like a birthday.

Whether the recipient is a friend or a family member, a ballerina ring is something anyone can enjoy. Because of its playful name, the ballerina ring might be a good choice for parents to gift to a child. Consider something bold and beautiful like the ballerina ring when it’s your child’s next birthday, especially if it’s a significant one like an 18th or a 21st.

Ballerina Engagement Rings

Although they aren’t explicitly engagement rings, ballerina rings could be used as an engagement ring if it’s to your taste. They are large rings, often with different coloured gemstones involved, so make sure they sound like something your significant other would like before you decide to make a purchase.

If a ballerina engagement ring doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can still use the idea of a ballerina ring as a romantic gift for a wedding anniversary. Alternatively, ballerina rings like this one – where the diamond and swirling pattern doesn’t make a full circle – work well for men’s rings. The sense of motion created by this design is reminiscent of the elegant twirl of a ballerina, adding some grace to the ring that balances out the boldness of the sturdy ring itself.

Image courtesy of Gang Hao on unsplash through the CC0 1.0 License

How to Wear Ballerina Rings

Ballerina rings – at the time of their inception – were worn on the right hand so that nobody was mixed up between a statement piece like a ballerina ring and an engagement ring. A lot of traditions have changed since then, however, and so it’s much more acceptable these days to wear your ballerina ring as you please. Whichever hand is more comfortable for you is the best choice for wearing your ballerina ring, but you might want to avoid your index finger; wearing such a large ring on a dominant finger like that is likely to give you bother.

You can even have a ballerina ring as an engagement ring if you love the big and bold. Choose your favourite gemstone to act as the central focal point, and let the array of diamonds fan outwards. Ballerina rings create a beautiful sense of drama that’s the perfect engagement ring for someone who would love to have a statement on their ring finger.

Ballerina rings are really something of a hidden gem, a beautiful gift and a unique type of jewellery that deserves to have a light shone on it. What do you make of these lovely pieces of jewellery?

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