When wondering how to decorate with a silver tea set, it’s a basic question of what you want to do with your tea set. If you use your silver tea set very regularly then you’ll want something practical that can allow you to have easy access to it. If you’re more interested in ideas for how to have your tea set on show, then you need display ideas. And if you want something all-together different, then maybe innovative ideas are for you.


Practical ways of storing your silver tea set are the go-to for anyone who has ‘proper’ tea regularly. For this, you might want to consider keeping your tea set on a table or shelf within easy reach. A dedicated side table or shelf can allow you to display your tea set whilst also having it be easily accessible when you can feel the tea thirst coming on.

A tea set with its own tray, such as the example, is a great choice as the tray makes them much easier to transport. Of course, if you already have a tea set and it’s the tray you’re missing, we’d be more than happy to oblige in helping you hunt for the perfect silver tray.

How to Decorate with a Silver Tea Set

Decorating with Silverware


Displaying a tea set is a great way of showing it off without having it ‘in the way’ in case you don’t use it very often. To do this, things like hutches and windowed cabinets are easily the best place for your tea set. If you’re something of a collector, this is a particularly good idea, since you can experiment with the layout and design of how you want to display your pieces.

The type of tea set that looks arresting in a display setting is quite subjective. You might prefer something understated and stylish, or you might want something that packs a punch, like this Victorian tea and coffee service with a sweeping swirl design on each of its pieces.


When it comes time to innovate and reuse – or upcycle, as the kids say – then tea sets are a very malleable component of the recycling system. If you’ve inherited a silver tea set, or you simply don’t see yourself using yours any longer, there’s a plethora of things you can do with silver tea sets to keep them visually appealing and practical too.

They can be repurposed into flower pots, homemade candles, even garden decoration if you’re feeling daring. Adding some soil and seeds can turn an old teacup into a new herb planter that is easy to transport and looks beautiful on a kitchen windowsill – when you’re innovating there’s plenty of space to get creative.

These are just a few ideas based on how you want your tea set to function. Once you have established how often – if at all – you’re likely to use your tea set, you can start getting creative with how you want it to exist within the confines of your home (or your garden). How would you decorate with your tea set?

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