A fireplace has so many purposes from keeping us warm at night to being the main feature of a stunning stately home. For some, the fireplace is something we couldn’t live without, it makes our home complete. I can just imagine it now, the family around the fire, a beautiful white Christmas. Typically, we think of candelabra & candlesticks being used for the dining table, however we believe they would go beautifully on your fireplace, adding a touch of sterling silver to your centre piece.

History of The Fireplace

The fireplace dates back to 500 B.C whereby fire pits were built in the ground or in caves, however, the disadvantage of this was the toxic smoke filling up the dwelling. In the Middle Ages, smoke canopies were invented to prevent the spread of smoke throughout the dwelling. Chimneys were invented in northern Europe fixing the problem by funnelling the gasses outside. With the industrial revolution, the installation of fireplaces came second nature, and we have never looked back. Nowadays there is a grand selection of fireplaces including LED backlighting features to create a cosy and warm atmosphere without the need for a flume or chimney.

Throughout the history of fireplaces, they have picked up quite some amount of symbolism. In many Asian cultures, the fireplace is seen as an essential tool to create a clean and comfortable living space. In other countries, it is believed the act of lighting a fireplace can keep evil spirits and demons out of the home.

Let’s explore some candle holders that will add a touch of elegance and class to the fireplace.

Silver Candelabra & Candlesticks

Silver Candle Holders for The Fireplace

You may need a rather large mantle to house this stunning pair of German silver candelabra in the Empire style. Just imagine the logs burning, the flicker of the candles, what an amazing place to be. This is one way to truly impress your guests.

sterling silver travelling candlesticks antique victorian

These sterling silver Travelling candlesticks are great for a smaller fireplace, but can still add some sterling silver to your centrepiece. The capitals unscrew from the bases allowing the two pieces to be screwed together and form a travelling case meaning you can take it to your holiday home.

sterling silver vintage candlesticks 1970s

These exceptional vintage sterling silver candlesticks have a plan 18th century English form. These candlesticks are more subtle than the empire style however they are still a great accessory to your fireplace.

Silver Candle Holders for Smaller Fireplace

If your fireplace is not as grand, never fear you can maybe opt for the smaller and less statement like taperstick. A taper stick is smaller and thinner than your more traditional candlesticks. Its original purpose was to be used to light the candles or provide wax for wax seals. However, we feel they are a great way to enhance a smaller fireplace or mantle.

Sterling Silver 'Harlequin' Taperstick

An exceptional, fine and impressive antique Victorian English cast sterling silver taperstick; an addition of our ornamental silverware collection. This ‘Harlequin’ Taperstick is in a smaller form factor ensuring it can comfortably fit in a much smaller setting. This impressive figural column surmounts a domed circular shaped base ornamented with chased scrolling leaf and floral ornamentation.

Sterling Silver Taperstick and Vesta Box Compendium

An exceptional, fine and impressive antique Victorian English sterling silver taper candle holder and vesta box compendium; an addition of our ornamental silverware collection. The body of this silver taper candle holder is embellished with embossed decoration, replicating the details of the woman’s fabric night-clothes and anatomical features.

Sterling Silver Taperstick Antique Victorian

An exceptional, fine and impressive antique Victorian English sterling silver taperstick; an addition of our ornamental silverware collection. The incurved shaped capital retains the original sterling silver sconce embellished with scroll and foliate designs. This particular has a weighted base ensuring the candlestick is secure.

Candleholder History

Originally, a candleholder was a cup or spike which held up the candle and caught the dripping wax before it hit your beautiful floor. Over the course of time candleholders have developed into pieces of decorative silverware. It is believed the earliest candleholder was discovered around 400 BC and is believed the creation of the candlestick could have dated back to 3000 BC. Candleholders were used to allow the Ancient Egyptians to navigate their way through the dark, using beeswax. Read more about the history of the candlestick.

No matter how big your fireplace is, we have a great selection of silver candle holders to suit, ensuring you can create that warm and cosy atmosphere you have always wanted. I can just imagine it now, the family around the fire and a beautiful white Christmas, enhanced by the fabulous candleholders.

Written by

Jack Mcleod

Jack McLeod is a young entrepreneur who works within the digital marketing sector for AC Silver. Jack left school to pursue his love of business studying for 2 years at Queen Alexandra Sixth Form whilst growing his own business. Jack then decided he wanted to pursue a career within digital marketing and ended up working for one of the UK's most established antique and silverware stores, here at AC Silver.