Whether you’re religious or not, you can give a meaningful religious gift to someone who you know will appreciate it. At AC Silver, we occasionally find ourselves lucky enough to have items – both silverware and jewellery – that would make for perfect religious gifts. Today, we’re going to have a look at some meaningful religious gifts that can be found among our vast collections.

Sterling Silver Torah Breastplate

This antique silver Torah breastplate was crafted in London in 1924 by Sigmund Zyto. It features various bird designs, as well as a star of David to the centre – one of the most recognisable symbols of Judaism. The hinged doors at the centre of the breastplate are modelled after the Tablets of Stone, famously inscribed by Moses on Mount Sinai and featuring the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew.

This is a thoughtful gift for any devout follower of the Jewish faith. It has clearly been crafted with great care and it is sure to be appreciated by anyone who knows the ins and outs of Judaism.

Meaningful Religious Gifts

1800s antique russian pointer

Russian Silver Torah Pointer / Yad

Another Jewish gift can be found in this Torah Pointer, also referred to as a yad. Torah pointers are used to keep one’s place whilst reading the sacred text, as touching a Torah directly is strictly forbidden. The Torah scrolls kept in Jewish temples are often very old, and great care is required whilst handling them. Even ‘new’ Torah scrolls, however, are not to be touched with bare hands.

The star of David sits atop the yad, and the traditional style feature of a pointing hand is at the tip. A yad such as this one, then, would make for an excellent gift for someone deeply interested in the Jewish faith.

Russian Silver Shabbat Candlesticks

Judaica silver has also found its way into our selection of silverware. These Shabbat candlesticks date to 1860s Russia, at the time a large hub of Judaism. Shabbat is the Hebrew word for Sabbath, deriving from the Hebrew for rest. This is the name given to Saturdays, the Jewish day of rest. The suggestion here then is likely that these candles were reserved for use on Saturdays at the original time of their creation.

Whether the Jewish people you know are strict observers of Shabbat or not, they are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a gift.

russian shabbat candlesticks antique circa 1860

sterling silver gilt cranberry glass antique victorian

Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Gilt and Cranberry Glass Communion Set

This communion set features a chalice, a paten, and a wine flask. Typically, these are reserved for usage during the Christian sacrament, Eucharist, also referred to as Holy Communion. While the Eucharist is practised by Christians of all subdivisions, it is most commonly associated with Catholicism. This Victorian set is made with cranberry glass for the wine flask, adding a certain unique beauty that is not always found in religious gifts. The paten features ornate engraving that further adds to the beauty of the selection.

This would be an excellent gift for any Christian with a special interest in the various sacraments and practises of their faith.

Cross Pendants

Another gift that would be perfect for Christians of all kinds can be found in cross pendants. A very traditional gift for religious women in particular, a cross pendant can be an ornate, statement piece of jewellery, or a more simplistic piece that can be worn more often. These styles of pendants are perfect to show someone that you acknowledge and appreciate that element of their lives, truly a meaningful religious gift.

We’re exceptionally lucky at AC Silver to have a vast range of cross-shaped pendants. We have large, ornate pieces as well as more understated items, serving a wide range of recipients. You can explore different sizes and gemstone options to ensure that you make the right choice for your intended recipient.

opal diamond silver gilt cross pendent brooch antique
diamond white gold cross pendant contemporary
yellow gold cross pendant vintage by boodles

You can show your affection for the religious people in your life by getting them a meaningful religious gift. Whether you find something in antique silverware or a piece of antique jewellery that’s just right for your purposes, you’re sure to find something with us.

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Bethany Massey

Having graduated university with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing Bethany then joined the AC Silver team as a content creator. Bethany spends her days writing content for the AC Silver blog and other luxury goods/antique publications.