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Mixing Mid-Century Modern and Traditional Furniture

Mixing furniture from different periods can make for an eclectic and stylish interior design scheme, especially if you’re feeling adventurous! Here at AC Silver, we’re big fans of decorating spaces using antique silver and antique furniture (as you could probably guess!) However, we know that mixing and matching a lot of different styles is easier …


Modern Living Rooms with Antique Furniture

Modern living rooms are varied, relaxed spaces that anyone would love to come home too; but how can you make your living room stand out among the rest? Modern design is an ever-changing creature, and something that’s sure to make your modern interiors unique is including some antique furniture. Here are a few ways you …


How to Decorate with Silver Pieces

Antique silverware is a stunning piece of décor. In its many forms it is versatile, unique, and beautifully designed. Whether you’re hoping to find a special little something for that empty spot on the shelf, or you want to know where to put something that’s been in storage for too long, this blog will explore …

Jewellery Occasional Silver

Meaningful Religious Gifts

Whether you’re religious or not, you can give a meaningful religious gift to someone who you know will appreciate it. At AC Silver, we occasionally find ourselves lucky enough to have items – both silverware and jewellery – that would make for perfect religious gifts. Today, we’re going to have a look at some meaningful …


Earrings to Match a Rose Gold Dress

If you want to dress up and feel fabulous, a rose gold dress is an excellent choice! Gold dresses look wonderful against a summer backdrop as they conjure ethereal Greek goddess vibes. They are equally well suited to a winter get-together, looking fabulous next to all things sparkly and festive. The one major problem when …